I am going to let the PDF speak for itself it is a worldwide problem in Commercial Diving. In the US it is allowed by LAW, OSHA CFR. Please make you comments. I sure would like someone to explain a safe three man team.

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Aww I can't open the PDF. I was just following your 3-Man debate on Offshorediver.com!
I was thinking of writing OSHA regarding this and figured I better check out forums first. Got any other way to share that PDF?
Mr. Roat is right a 3 man dive team is not the safest but it's done every day. A proper and well thought out dive plan and emergency contingency plan is the only thing that will keep you alive. I would hope that a group a****sment would be done before every dive to discuss the what, when, where, and how. Before every dive regardless of the number of members, you as the Supervisor, Diver, or Tender must do a personal risk a****sment and think about what could go wrong and how will you handle it. What about those things we know are not safe or allowed and their done every day. There are 2 man and solo divers doing work, not to mention the ones doing work who barely have a recreational cert much less any commercial training. Not to even go into the scientific divers doing commercial work under the the AAUS (Allowed by OSHA). Thank you for the pdf, it does give a lot to think about.

Kyra send me an e-mail at theroatdeal@yahoo.com and I will e-mail you another copy.


Hmmm finally was able to open the PDF on a different computer.
Good explanation. Still, we go round and round with this discussion and nothing changes. On offshorediver some people mention that this is to allow smaller outfits to work, but, seriously? Allowing an unsafe, half assed regulation to persist just so some outfits can make a living and other outfits can remain unsafe just to save $ seems like an outrage.
In 1979 Taylor Diving successfully managed to get OSHA to take away a regulation that basically had the employer paying for the employee's medical tests.
It's all about $$ not the well being of those doing the work.



Untill this time around both OSHA and the Coast Guard only listened to the ADCI. It is now different. Everyone from the Director of Standards, of all standards, on down, recivied that PDF. They are listing to other voices to include the OGP and Divers and Supervisiors. I was glad to hear how you run your diving.


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