The State of Virginia might be the next gulf of mexico

We finally get approved for drilling for oil ! Its about time!

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Too funny Flynn I couldnt help but smile, Me being your rookie LOL.
Im going to go play in Aussie with their divers. I wont be alone ill have a very good friend who will watch my back. Thanks for the heads up.
Lizz, call me woman. Its been forever
holy moly... Well I dunno much about much, I just reckon based on some of them maps there Diving in the Beaufort would be a real s***ty time, I mean fair enough I work wherever you send me but feck would that be cold and probly not my first choice!
Ok kids lets not fight we all work in the same diving trade. We are all trying to make the most of it. One way or another after all is said and done we each see a side of it the other dosent and we are here to try and make a good living out of it.
Dale we live what about 5500 miles apart and your comments I have to say ring so true. IN THIS NEW WORLD ORDER THATS BEING PUSHED DOWN OUR THROATS more and more no paying and low paying jobs apear and disapear. Big jobs come and they really only hire few workers and alot of them are low paid as you put it flag wavers that can be seen by the public. YOUR CREDIT SCORE, MY CREDIT SCORE AND THE ABILITY TO BORROW MONEY is being ripped away from all of us. DAY BY DAY WE ARE BEING STRANGLED BY THE BIG WORLD ORDER MONEY PEOPLE like I mentioned we are 5500 miles apart and the same is going on here its the NEW WORLD ORDER and we are the ponds here in this game. On this side of the waterpond we are hearing well the Chinese are and will be coming here to learn more from us OH REALLY ! LETS SEE THIS COUNTRY IS SO IN DEBT TO CHINA IN PART TO THE POLITICIANS AND THEY ARE COMING OVER TO LEARN-YEA LEARN HOW TO TAKE CONTROL OVER US. DAY BY DAY WE ARE BEING STRANGLED. Think not well today look at your credit score and just see how hard it is to get money to run a business. NEW WORLD ORDER the middle class is headed towards a big down fall the and being eliminated daily. Dale your readings are right on the money America wake up. Working divers also need a group to represent their interests the people we work for have their political group are we being fairly represented ? John Carl Roat has been posting whats going on we might want to take a closer look at as it will effect all of us. What group is reparsenting us divers ?
While the ADCI has helped bring about safety rules they represent the Contractor today we stand unrepresented in our interests and lively hood needs. Are you listening ? Sorry Liz to hijack your posting but its all part of the big picture we all are envolved in and things are all familys are connected to and needs to be said.
Yes Flynn when the NEW WORLD MONEY ORDER MEMBERS got together and decided to put the stop on most everything it was actually very easy I mean if they freeze up the money or the ability for companys, you and I to access it well how long do you think that will take to bring most everything to a stop ? Only the big boys with the money have control hense the WORLD money guys control us-GAME OVER THEY CONTROL YOU. THE NEW WORLD ORDER HAS SPOKEN. The ball is now in our court and the time clock is ticking.


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