The State of Virginia might be the next gulf of mexico

We finally get approved for drilling for oil ! Its about time!

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hahhaha mike I think its gonna be a long time comming, I mean hey are pretty much not budging on the wh*** queen charlottes, but when they do Ill be the happiest guy around!!! Offshore in my own backyard WOOOT!
please make some jobs for the east coast!!!!!!! havent even found any work yet and graduated dive school in NOV!!!!!
Welcome to the world of Diving!! you and the rest of the class 2009 are in the same boat Nobody is likely not to see any of this work over night! and most likely as well in the next 4yrs Things like this just dont happen over night
Chuck yea I'll believe it when I see it. Lets see California was going to do offshore drilling how many years ago 1970 to 2010 well gee thats now only 40 years and it should be any day now I guess. But we are still real hopeful.
hahahah Mike I wonder how all those hippies would feel about a few rigs popping up in the straight of georga :p
But your right, I was living in CR and all those islands around there Quadra, Cortez are just hippie havens.
These rigs could be built in deep enough waters that it wouldnt have much of a enviromental impact on marine life and like you said we could pump the oil via pipeline to mainland refineries, would be nice though to see a few sprout up along the coast, maybe a couple in Rupert, that would really help spur the local economy
We were approved not only for oil but gas . A lot has changed since the 70's ,Better technology . The buzz going around is it wont happen over nite but when it does it will be big.

Thank you Dale well put I agree nice to know othes get it too and are paying attention. California has been told oh yea we are going to drill since the 70' the math how many years is that ? History repeats itself.
I hope you new guys and gals are getting this message.
That a gal Liz lets keep it positive.
Sorry Flynn V.A has divers over there also ,more than you know. I know a couple personally who would love to come back home and do the same jobs as in the gulf. So dont jump to conclusions so fast . There might not be much work but i still think it will benefit everyone.
LOL your too funny i think your the one who needs to pay attention i never said that V.A diver were the only ones going to work it . Really Flynn your losing your edge. As to going over there to play , Sorry i will have to decline. See this rookie will go play with the Aussie's July of this year. Thanks for the offer though. Rookie You funny LOL
I dont know Flynn .When you have been at a stand still for 10yrs waiting for some good news. This is the greatest news, It means we are moving one more step forward with this. So yes it could be a long ways from now but it means a lot to everyone not just divers.So to me its not dumb s*** . Thats just the way i feel ,Also the reason why i put it up. It doesn't mean im a know it all diver,Ill be the first to tell you that. And calling me a mud h*** diver isnt offensive to me im proud of what i do. Im doing what i love diving.Experience ive got enough to land me a great job and i know i will gain even more as time goes by. I dont have any problem getting your coffee dear .Ill serve it to you along with this yrs July- Aug issue of underwater magazine. If you look closely you will see a picture of a female mud h*** diver that looks a lot like me. LOL I still love ya Flynn you know that.


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