I'll be attending TOC, in October. I've done countless hours of research on this facility. What I'm wanting to know is if TOC, is IMCA recognized like they claim, and if your certified to dive internationally. Also, I am interested in what the training enviroment is like, and the overall attitude at the school. Thanks in advance for your info people.


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Copy. and Y/W

There is also an HBOT (US approved) course on Roatan Honduras. Run by an American dude. It is fully US accredited. Plus you actually treat real patients everyday so you can actually state that on your resume which mean a lot.

I actually just got back from this course 4 days ago, and we got to treat a Type II DCS scuba diver...  All of the lobster divers you are referring to now get transported to the mainland. 

Good to know. How was the course otherwise? Any help with job placement?

CDA is the way to go!
I'm not rich enough to go to CDA.
Graduated back in 2008 from CDA. Hands down the best school out there. Well good luck to you, and dive safe my friend!

Hey James,

not to rain on your parade and I am glad you think CDA is the best, but how would you know unless you have been to a few other schools? CDA has come along way from where it started but you being in the profession since lets say 2009 you know its all about the person correct?

I can take a guys from different institutions who graduated @ the same time,lets say 10. In 3 months I'll have 3 guys left and two of them will have thier bags packed ready to drag up. I had guys from CDA offshore and everyone but one(1) sucked, and the ones left standing were DIT & Motown rats. Again its what you want,how you carry your self and what you are willing to do. Guys with Families usually are the first to go,sad but true.


Good luck guys and try to stick it out untill a new administartion is elected in.

The only "hands down" I've seen from CDA dudes were their own when asked who wanted to work the deck.  There are guys graduating from there who have never been in the ocean in their lives prior to attending  I've never seen anything like it. I've seen a ten year SCUBA instructor hatted up on a job in the Keys (he was strictly labor). He did better that the three CDA guys, I s*** you not.  Yeah ok he never "graduated" from dive school but the f***er could function underwater and did great. It was like the old apprentice days! That should be the way training works!

Save a lot of money and take a look at Santa Barbara City College Marine Technology Course.

Top grade training and excellent reference in the industry.

Yes it is.

Waiting for a new thread in 2 years saying I'm broke, I only have a place to stay since I have a G/F.CDA the best? yeah maybe but have fun paying back that 27k! Who cares if a school teaches you mixed gas? You won't dive mix gas out in the GOM for 2-3 years min. Go ahead and be ready to move to Morgan S***ty and live a miserable life ha. Go to somewhere else besides keylargo for the DMT hearing that it's a waste even for the CHT program. There is a place in Houma that offers a very extensive DMT course


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