I'll be attending TOC, in October. I've done countless hours of research on this facility. What I'm wanting to know is if TOC, is IMCA recognized like they claim, and if your certified to dive internationally. Also, I am interested in what the training enviroment is like, and the overall attitude at the school. Thanks in advance for your info people.


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Waiting for a new thread in 2 years saying I'm broke, I only have a place to stay since I have a G/F.CDA the best? yeah maybe but have fun paying back that 27k! Who cares if a school teaches you mixed gas? You won't dive mix gas out in the GOM for 2-3 years min. Go ahead and be ready to move to Morgan S***ty and live a miserable life ha. Go to somewhere else besides keylargo for the DMT hearing that it's a waste even for the CHT program. There is a place in Houma that offers a very extensive DMT course

Yeah, CDA is way outta my budget range. You won't be seeing the, I'm broke thread here. Like I stated in this thread earlier, I have other trades to fall back on. I'm not some dumbass fresh out of high school that hasn't worked a day in his life. I've been working my ass off for the last eleven years. I have other trades and skills to fall back on. Not saying that I won't struggle for a time, but you gotta start somewhere. Can't expect to come fresh out of school making big money. Only a j****** would think that. Anyhow, I've made my mind up on school. TOC, I start in a few days. Figure its my best bet, since i'm only 25 minutes from the school. And, the training there is good enough. Besides the real training comes OJT.

Joe Mayonese on the chin.

You are not even a Diver,you are in fact a tender so quit before you are placed with Parnell. Get back on the hose and choke.

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Oh wait so what was the comment that was wrong here old man? Once again all one has to do is go back and read the threads.


You are as much as a moron as Flynn said you were !

Quit swinging on my nuts and I bet that Physical wasn't conducted by Serio or Bourgeois yet you wouldnt know who they are!
hahaha you lost . my first physical from  Serio was in the '70's son.. You really dont have a sence of humor and are seriously lacking your diving history.H ahaha Do you need drama or are you just retarted too?  God other peoples children. I tried to be nice to you but know you think you can whip up on my nice guy deminor  mistake taking nice giyness for weakness. Son stop while your ahead. You will only make yourself look dumb in any forward persuit of trying to trash my family name.  

I los?,Ok so show us who you have worked for? Show me your SERIO exam from the 70's as he didnt give them in the 70's as a Dive doc,and he isn't a dive doc NOW you dumbass.

All you do is type stupid s*** Mr Parnell. You are not nor ever have been a GOM Diver! Really? You tried to be nice? Being drunk and typing s*** here does not make you a Diver!

Also I seen where you claim to have Fabricated the Nemo props for 20,000 Leagues under the sea? NO you did not. Matter of fact copy and paste your certifications from the Navy.

You are just like Bev Morgan,claim allot of hero status yet cannot back it up. Me I'm just a Diver.

Oh also spoke to a few of your boys today,and yeap today they still think you are a poser and MORON~! Go away so we can teach the young guns the correct way,not the SCUBA way ass clown.

Barrone says high f*** tard~

Hey Brandon. Good luck @ TOC. I went there...been working and making a good living ever since. Let me break it down for ya.

Don't worry about buying anything yet. you have alot of cla**** to go through before you even get close to the water. I do recommend that as soon as you start class, go to workforce solutions..they offer free money to students @ TOC to help pay for gas, SCUBA gear, and Hotel rooms on your out of town dives (you will go out of town for a week for open water and again for 2 days for offshore safety and survival). get the OBama bux while they still have them!

Don't sweat the IMCA stuff. If you can't afford to go across the Atlantic for school, then you definately can't afford to go across to look for a job! If an Amerian company wants you to go overseas, they will make sure you have all the proper certs b4 you go..they usually pay for it too.

I am a DMT..it is very good to have. Look into it if you are interested in becoming an EMT and have the time and desire to maintain your cert.

IF or when you graduate from TOC, you will be just another swinging d*** looking to choke a hose and make my coffee. TOC turns out plenty of goons along with all of the other schools. Start small and be practical. You will graduate with the training to be an entry level tender...nothing more.

It is hard to get in...harder to stay in..and even harder to fit in the commercial diving industry. Pay attention and take it serious. You will be in school with a bunch of losers and thugs. You will see who is there and you will see who is there to stay. You have to make your own place and decide which type of person you are.

Be prepared to send out s*** tons of resumes only to not be responded to. If you do get a job, you will be the lowest of the low. The entry level money sucks and the hours are long. Only 5% of your graduationg class will still be in the field in 3 years.

Think long and hard and if you have the calling, then go for it and try to be the best you can be. Good luck and remember that school is the first step of many more to come. 

Now thats sound advice!!!

DMT, definately helpful, even in tough economic times...

Good luck dude...

Boys you have to look at one of the best dive schools in the country.

Santa Barbara City College - Marine Technology -www.sbcc.edu/mdt

California residents $2,705.00  two semesters

Out of State - $10,265.00

International students - $10,265.00

Estimated non course related costs. 

Books Supplies $75.00

ACDE Physical - approx. $300-400

Dive Equip. $1000-1500

Thats true, SBCC does get overlooked in lots of discussions.

You can even get an Assoc degree with your training (an extra 2 semesters)...

Especially nice for CA residents...

The title of Diver is earned, paper is not experience, it is wisdom use wisdom and get experience however you can. Good luck.


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