I'll be attending TOC, in October. I've done countless hours of research on this facility. What I'm wanting to know is if TOC, is IMCA recognized like they claim, and if your certified to dive internationally. Also, I am interested in what the training enviroment is like, and the overall attitude at the school. Thanks in advance for your info people.


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TOC is IMCA recognized here read this:


If you are looking to work internationally then you'll want BOSIET, UKOOA Dive Physical and an IMCA DMT cert as NBDHMT is not widely recognized, and even UK & Norwegian legislation require IMCA DMT ... NBDHMT is only recognized in the states and HBO clinical facilities in the states. 

Here are some links:

BOSIET in Brookshire, TX(approx 45min from you)  cost $1000 total for 3 days, ($1030 if you want lunch provided)


*** there is a wait list so get on this.

the closest UKOOA Diving Physical I found was "Bourgeois Medical Clinic" in Morgan City

1201 Kenneth Drive, Morgan City LA 70380   Phone 985-384-3355  you will need an appointment for this physical.  Cost as of yesterday(when i took mine) $661 total. 

IMCA DMT.. the closest place to the states I found was www.divermedicaltechnician.com  the course is $1850, approx $1450 for room and 3 meals a day, and around $1000 for round trip in houston.  This course is also NBDHMT approved soooo ONLY if you have EMT-B will you be able to get a NBDHMT DMT cert.. 

You are referring to being IMCA approved.  If you want to work all of the world you will need to pay for training expenses out of your pocket since you will be a contractor.  If you get employed with a state side company you will be an employee and they will put you through the required training to get you in the gulf of mexico including SafeGulf.  

Also one more thing if you are not aware yet you need to get a "TWIC Card"  this is through TSA and involves a background check.  

Not sure if I repeated anything as I just skipped to the end.  Any questions reply here or message me

Well, if all goes right, I'll be with Marlin Divers after completing school in May. So, the course in Morgan City would be my best bet. If that job offer falls through then I guess it'll have to be the place here in Houston. Speaking of Marlin, what would be my best avenue for research on them. I'd really like to find out certain things; i.e, their safety record, if they conduct offshore and/or inland diving ops, etc....BTW thanks for all the info. Hope to be working with ya'll in the future.

The course in Morgan City is another Dive School.  Aren't you already attending TOC?!  do this... for us..  create a list like this:




and so on... 

of everything you want to know keep them short and simple.  examples..

1) what do I need to be IMCA

2) what is every cert i need to work as an imca diver internationally

3) how much work is there right now in the GoM(< hahahaha i had to put that lol)

and so on.. 

this will be the fastest way to get precise answers

Your talking about Youngs memorial I guess?? I was referring to DMT courses. haha....Yeah I'm attending Ocean Corp. I was thinking about going to CDA to get my DCBC. i know they offer like a 1 to 2 week course on that. But, hell thats all the way in Flordia, and I'm sure I can find a place thats cheaper and closer, and be able to get an IMCA cert rather than DCBC.

1) What do I need to be IMCA

2) What is every cert I need to work as an IMCA diver internationally

3) Whats my best bet as far as getting my DMT

4) hahaha...Not even gonna ask about how much work there is in the Gulf right now.....lol


1) attend an approved dive school


Click on the link under "diver training in the USA"

2) basic certs for working internationally

     a)position cert ie lst, diver, supervisor

     b)ukooa physical .... topside or diving


*these are basic different places require divers with different certs.  possibly someone with more knowledge of diving specific certs can chime in, as i am an LST. 


    cla**** will start to fill up fast so schedule it as soon as you can 

    upon completion, and pass you receive IMCA DMT.  

    if you have EMT-B already then you will also be able to apply for NBDHMT DMT status, as this course is dually accredited/approved by both governing agencies

4) good because people are hurting really bad

Nice....thanks for the info bro.


No dive company in the world has a perfect safety record. Some divers have been injured or killed onshore and offshore. Some companies will change names every year to avoid liabilities, etc. Marlin website has been up and not changed since 2007 that tells me a few things. Any job over a certain amount they will most likely sub out to bigger company.  They offer offshore support AND zebra mussel cleaning in power plants. No focus just bid anything and everything.  Remember that you are about to spend 18k which really means 25k to NOT dive. That's right you will most likely NOT dive for a long long time.


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