I'll be attending TOC, in October. I've done countless hours of research on this facility. What I'm wanting to know is if TOC, is IMCA recognized like they claim, and if your certified to dive internationally. Also, I am interested in what the training enviroment is like, and the overall attitude at the school. Thanks in advance for your info people.


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So you agree that the industry is slow and the market is flooded. You know that there are no jobs. You know that you will never be able to pay back those loans. Yet you are still going to go to dive school? Hmmm. If you knew that crossing a busy freeway in Tijuana  may get you killed would you still take your chances even after all the posted warning signs and countless pieces of advice? The market is completely flooded with indebted laborers out of private dive schools willing to work for $8.00/hr as a diver tender. Think about that for a minute. Check this out man. Take that money and buy a dive spread. Buy hose, compressor and hat. You can actually do it for 18k. You DO NOT NEED any training to do this.  Bid a job and win a contract. Hire a diver and let him teach you. There is no difference.

nice.. or go to college lol ...  market is completely flooded right now..  all you hear is... "we need another good storm"

18K now???  it just keeps going up and up and up.  F'ing insane.

Whats your Jman ticket in ?

and what are the other trades you have to fall back on besides that ?

@Will My tickets in Commercial Glazing( glass installation and framing),  I have experience in the power line industry, industrial pipe fitting, general construction experience, and carpentry. My last six months of the glazing apprenticeship was welding, which we rarely used in the trade, and when we did it was just stick welding, and occasionally burning.


@Toby It does just keep going up. I was going to attend school at TOC last year in October, and they wanted 17K, now a year later it's up a grand. don't even wanna know what its gonna cost 5 or 10 years from now. It's crazy.


So, can someone give me some info on what personal  equipment is needed for a newly graduated tender/diver in the offshore industry?

www.theholydiver.com - We do package deals for newly graduated. So before you also get raped on pricing for equipment. Get a hold of us.

Attending TOC atm in UDT415. (Nov. 10 graduation).


As far as IMCA, John the owner said at the start that TOC can certify you IMCA once you get your required dives.


As far as personal stuff...we just asked a dude today that graduated TOC in April who went to work for Seamar in May this year about that very thing. He said 2 Duffel bags, 1 with personal effects like laptop/books/clothes/toothpaste/cigarettes etc... and one with your dive gear are good to have. Dive gear consisting of the basics like wetsuit, steel toe dive boots, normal steel toes, hard hat, safety gla****.


I'm not sure how the school in Louisana can charge only 500 bucks...having looked into the insurance costs of training newbies on mixed gas diving and chambers...it's pretty high.


The other nice thing about TOCs UDT program is that it offers NDT training in the form of mag particle and ultrasonics, which not only helps your dive career, it gives you a backup for the slow times in the industry. I have a friend that just graduated last week from NDT and already has a penetrant job, 22/hr doing full weeks of 12 hours per day....and that's starting pay. He was saying mag/ultra sonics are also quite high in demand.


Hope that helps :)

Kyle thanks man, that helps alot. I start at TOC October 11th. Keep me informed on how your job search is going once you graduate. I keep seeing all these post about how the market is flooded. Contrary to that, my research on offshore dive companies has shown that they are in demand for employees in the form of Tenders as well as Divers. I've also been informed that the best time to find work is around spring time. Thats a plus, I graduate TOC May 18th 2012. Hopefully that is the case. Either way it doesn't matter, I'm up for any challenge that comes with it.

Brandon my boy, to answer your questions from a Supervisor in the patch right now your research is less than flawed, not saying you are on the wrong tract but who ever told you we are in need of tenders and divers isn't correct.

What is going on is call outs, those who get called out are the senior guys, all of my tenders have three years in and the juniors are sitting on the beach or working in the shop. Our season is rapidly coming to an end so you going to TOC now is a good choice.


April is when we begin work again, yet winter work is always there due to maintence (PMS). Untill the Dept of Interior quits screwing with the offshore leases and permits it will be slow. Yes the market is flooded, you look in our HR dept and she has three piles 1 foot high of resumes from tenders and FNGs.


There is never a shortage of Divers and the ones diving right now are senior and hammers, scrubs are on the beach and so are the smart a**** and those who think they know everything! As far as being IMCA don't worry about that, has nothing to do with the GOM and if you work for a IMCA classed company they will ensure you are up to date.


DMT? What Paiste said is what allot of us did, and the added bonus is the Hyperbaric center in the keys. I am going before next season, they cross you into the medical side where you can use it in the hospital setting~ They love divers. I love nurses works out well.


Personal gear, you will have a list given to you, throw that away. No pelican cases, no hat,no weights no nothing that relates to being a diver. Once you graduate you will be less than a red hat with nothing but the ladder to climb~! Bring your healthy body,quick mind, some what of an attitude and super glue to keep the mouth shut lol.

You have along way to go before you need to worry about what you need offshore so before you go out and spend money see if you really want to do this for a living.


Its a good trade you have to back you up, haveing a skill set and a trade behind you alwasy looks good and is favorable and the welding you have will be very valuable. Good luck !

Thanks alot Jeramy! You've answered alot of questions for me. When I do have the extra time and money, DMT is probably going to be the first thing I do. Unless theres other certs I should get before that. What's your opinion on that? Yo think there's other certs I should take care of first?

If you graduate and have some extra cash,head to the Keys and get your Hyperbaric completed. The course is very different from what you learn in school, I have been through a simular course yet the guys who have completed it thus far have given it 5 out of 5 Gold stars!

You already have your welding behind you and everything else will be taken care of once you are hired. Complete school,and look for work in the spring! Far to many guys worry about different certs, just get a solid foundation offshore~!

thanks  for adding a real f***ing answer j.t half these A-h***s just hate on the new guys trying to come up .theres real good advice here for some of us thanks man.


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