I'll be attending TOC, in October. I've done countless hours of research on this facility. What I'm wanting to know is if TOC, is IMCA recognized like they claim, and if your certified to dive internationally. Also, I am interested in what the training enviroment is like, and the overall attitude at the school. Thanks in advance for your info people.


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Nope.  IMCA dosent certify divers.  HSE does.  You'll have to get a****sed through DIT or CDA and spend more money on the required dives.  TOC will show how to use the equipment, not make you a diver.

Thanks for the info PAISTE....

 I do know that IMCA does not certify, but only recognizes certain schools. From what I understand thats the situation with most dive schools. (only show you how to use the equipment) The real learning starts on the job. So, after TOC I plan on gaining further training and certs as work comes and I can afford it. Another question I have is if its worth while and does it make you a better employee prospect to obtain certs as a DMT etc..... Also, I was very interested in attending school at CDA, the cost is outrageous though. Way beyound anything i can pay. Are you referring to the a****sment like the DCBS a****sment offered at CDA?

If $ is a problem, then look at Young Memorial in Morgan City, LA.  Being a DMT is valuable.  The best way about it is to go to a community college for EMT basic, then go to Hyperbarics Intl. in Key Largo...put the two together and you get your DMT ticket.
countless hours of research and you need to ask try give them a call always a good place to start
Look on PDC in South Africa

@PAISTE, thanks for the info man, its been very helpful.

@George, yes countless hours of research. That doesnt always mean you get every question answered, and that your satisfied with the answers you have gotten. Back off with your smartass comments buddy! Thats not what i'm here for. If you you don't have some useful information to help another man out, then shut the mouth. Otherwise have a nice day bud!

@JMayo, Maybe South Africa sometime in the not so distant future. AS of right now I've chosen TOC because I live 30 minutes from the facility, Federal financial Aid is helping me a great deal, and from the research I've done TOC seems to have a good rep as a dive school.

What is your final fee going to be at OC? 18-20K?

TOC is $18,000, right now i have $2,900 out of pocket. As far as loans and grants:

$5,500 Pell grant, $9,500 in loans. Loans don't have to be paid back until 6 months after school ends. There's also additional cost for equipment and supplies needed, but im only looking to spend around $1,000 for that. That brings me to another question. What equipment is typically required for a newly graduating tender/diver in the offshore industry?


You're gonna have to pay that $ back.  They will withhold your tax refunds and charge you 25 % penalty.  Don't borrow money on a pipe dream!  The market is flooded.  YOU ARE MAKING A HUGE MISTAKE!  

But you're not gonna listen to me, no...you want to believe the BS that comes with all these puppy mills. 

I know i'm gonna have to pay back the loans, aside from the pell grant. I know the markets flooded and work is slow. Yes, your right, these "puppy mills" feed you BS to get you in their school. That's why I try to get all of my information from an unbiased source. I have other trades to fall back on when I'm not diving. One of which i hold a journeyman ticket for. I'm not dumb enough to jump into something without having a back- up plan. This is something I've wanted to do for many years now, and i finally have the oppertunity. I'm not gonna pass it up. I do really appreciate all the info that you and many others have given me.  

Brandon, Do it for sure. From my experience the ones that b**** about not working are the ones that no supervisor wants to work, if your not worth your day rate, your not worth dive rotation.


Keep your eye on the price and bust it.



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