This is what’s offered through CDA. dose this card allow me to work world wide and what other cert. would benefit  me so that I  stand out of all the rest of the thousands of other tenders out there. Where do u see this trade moving towards is it more rov projects? Things are definitely getting more and more digital and computer controlled. I’ve been thinking of latter on furthering my knowledge in rov piloting. I’ve all ways been interested in subs and submersibles. As usual thanks for everyone’s experienced input. Especially you old guys out there you know who you are.

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Join the Navy and get into unmanned vehicles unit at Submarine Developement Group One, San Diego you will get solid trainning and experience.
The big bucks hahahahahaha that s*** is funny
thanks for your seasoned advice!

Flynn 20 years ago no how about mid 70's when S & J and Martech got the ROV thing going and it was then going to replace most of the working divers well that has'nt exally happened has it..

Hey get your coffee your not old enough to drink coffee yet I dont want to stunt your growth, hehe. Hey just got off a offshore mooring replacement job here yesterday and the water is just right, warm and clear with some ocassional swells comming thru so why dont you come on out to the islands and enjoy the winter bring your surfboard the temp is in the 80's. I wont let anybody call you haloe boy and we have lots and lots of bars, babes and beautiful beaches just awaitting your arrival . Aloha MF (my friend)


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