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this computor is really startin to piss me off. where's my f***n shotgun?
I also have a airhat upgraded to gas hat.
I'm looking for a front counterweight for a SL-27. I know they are discontinued, but if you have one, know of someone with one, or are willing to sell yours, please contact me at thanks
FOR SALE: I have 2 sets of comms for a SL 17/27/37/47/57, looking to sell for $70 EACH (i'll throw in shipping). Each set includes a left speaker, right speaker, and diver microphone. All are brand new, never been used. please email me at Thanks
Looking for a US Divers Twin 30cf Dual Tank Valve... if u have one or know anybody that might want to sell please contact me at, thanks
Zeppy, I prefer to use 2 1st stage regulators connected with a short hose at the low pressure ports. That way you have redundancy. If one tank leaks you have the other still pressurized. Or you can put HeO2 mix in one and air in the other. Plus it is cheaper than the dual tank valve IF you can find one.
I am selling a KM 37 Black in color w/ new medium uncut neck dam, new coms post and new mic. ( some other extra parts) I also have a new multipocketed Marvel Hat bag that goes w/ it. Some surface scratching from this hat actually be used in everyday inland work. I am askin 4200 for the hat. This hat dives better than any hat I have dove but recent work and financial difficulties are causing me to attempt to part with it. Also a Northern Diver Thor Vulcanized Dry Suit w/ Metallux underwear, a Miller belt, and some other various equipment. email me at
Any photos of rig ?
I have 9000 feet of gates air diving hose. 3/8 and 1/2. I need it gone. its six months old on spools of 400 and 800 ft. 1 dollar per foot. your arrange pick up.
Am interested in a spool.

Please Advise with contact information.

Dustin I'm interesed in some 3/8, get in contact with me when ya get a chance.
just call me at 309-337-4315


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