Survey concerning the underwater electric cutting hazards

Hello dear fellow divers,
Those who know me know that I always liked to do underwater cutting, but I have also always been concerned with the safety issues related to this technique. In this regard I must say that during my career I have sometimes been dismayed by the lack of knowledge of some of my colleagues and therefore the risks they were taking.
I allowed myself to make a small survey conducted in 2 parts (so that it remains free) to see where the level of divers who want kindly answer is. This survey is not a test to judge you, but rather will be used to try to remedy a certain gap if it exists.
This survey is anonymous so feel free to respond.
Thank you in advance
FYI, I have already submitted this survey to our French colleagues and our Spanish and Hispanic colleagues.

To be usable, remember to fill TWO surveys.
Summary results will of course be communicated.


Part 1


Part 2    


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Will you post results here please?

Yes Nick. This Survey is open until the 5 september. After that I will analyze the answers and post the results.

Did fill the surveys ;O)

Please tell your mates to do so either otherwise I will never reach the 500 answers


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