i live in huston and hd my dive gar stolen (hat,bailout, 2 computers, ps3,) and i go acall form a dive student afteri had postediton face book saying they had seen my gear in thisfckers car,,, pus cms t sove his name ws whitney over that stole my gear, if he dont go prisson and anyone sees him let my know, 1. yo dont steal, 2 you never steal a hat

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Willys Nielsen, there is no shame in asking for help. I suggest you contact the Center For Divers Who Can't Read Good And Wanna Learn To Do Other Stuff Good Too. The only soul they couldnt save was FLYNN, but geez they're not miracle workers.
the guy won't go to prison. he'll end up in county jail for a couple of months if anything. so if you know which school and what his name is, go after him. make him pay.
igot my gear back,,, the name was whitney over,,,, ive done everything that i can watng on the investigater to get back with me,, hi parents were disspointed i him when i tracked them down ad calld them right befor turkey day.. f*** has ben hiding out and not been too his house since,,,, thyng too say to people that i loaned it to him, (f***er tried to dive ha with no air in bailout, kid of hard to dive when i have the coms pulled,,,lol)
Learn how to spell you dumb ass! do you mean HOUSTON, HAD, GEAR, GET, PRISON, ME, YOU. also your grammer sucks go back to High school! It not a suprise some one with a IQ like yours had his"gar" gear stolen!
LOL. you're one to preach about spelling and grammar.
its not my spelling my keyboard is f***ed up though,,, sorry yall that read my massages and could not understand it and the fact that i type too fast
No worries about the spelling Willys, we all know how international keyboards can be. Glad you found the gear.
Be sure to post the rat bastards full name and where he is at also who he might work for.
That way he can have his ass blackballed from the industry.
steal from a hand he will steal from the company.
Tools are what you make a living with no tools your sitting on a bar stool wondering how to make rent.
Muslum law for the bastard.
Hey brother, post the rats full name or call me and tell me so I can post it. Also as far as spelling goes he can barely talk much less spell! lol.
his full name is whitney over,,,,,his father is richard over from yukon, OK


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