first step down now I need to get some papers in order and try to get a navy dive medic to do my med portion so that I dont have to pay out of pocket. I think that hardest thing will be to get my ged paperwork.

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Enjoy your course Ben. I hope you'll find it easier to find work than myself.
as long as your a vet the VA will do your dive physical for free.
Why go to the most expensive school in the U.S? Why not morgan city.. Have fun paying 20k+ grand in loans

I couldnt agree more.  I went to DIT and although it was a great school the only reason i went was because the Vocational Rehabilitation from the VA paid for it.  Both CDA and DIT have been under tons of scrutiny for lack of job placement.  I dont think its the fault of the placement director or anyone like that i just think the schools are promoting a 90%+ placement which we all know is crap.  Morgan City is affordable and right around the corner from where the work SHOULD BE.


You dont have a GED? Help!


  where have you been man?  i am back in hawaii.  not diving!  haha.  hope all is well with you.


Dustin I am presently on the Big Island email me at  . Ace
I have it I'm in the army I just need to get my transcript
Is your G.I Bill paying for this? I'm on a job now with two guys who owe/paid CDA $27,000k Hahah
Only like 17.5and some grants but still owe like 6k I'm locked into anything yet
Try Army Divers or Navy Diving program while your still in the system. You will have a steady job, free trainning maybe a re enlistment bonus and money in your pockets instead of oweing big money for trainning and sketchy employment if at all.  As one old pro put it "Today we now have enough divers and tenders to last us for the next 60 years". Lots to consider before you comitt to letting go of your hard earned cash especially in this economy. I wish you the best.


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