Superlite 27 like new, shell and gelcoat is perfect inside and out. It's only been wet 5-6 times. Getting out of the business and its just taking up space now. Comes with neck dam, Kirby Morgan tool kit, 50 cu ft bailout and harness w/ whip (no first stage), one complete spare comms set (2 speakers, 1 mic, and comm post), 2 spare mics, 1 used hat liner with chin pad, 1 new hat liner, and hat bag. Works perfectly. Any questions at all please ask, thanks! On ebay right now with a few pics, 0 bids at $5270 16 hours to go! item number 320597579628

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Hey I'm interested in what you got! I'm a former diver/diving supervisor for Bisso and Cal Dive. I just moved back home in Jacksonville, FL. I'm starting a diving division for a Marine Construction company here and I'm looking for gear. There must be so much s*** out there right now because of Cal Dive going under. So anyway, give me a text back and let me know what you got what you can get and your location. 904-608-1643

Rob Wright


I have dive radios and a filter pack for sale. If interested I can send pictures and more  information.



Hey Ed,

     I'm definitely interested in what you have! If you have the time please call me 904-608-1643. Also if you could take some prelemanary photos and send them to me via text so I could show my boss and see what we got. 


        Rob Wright

oi amigo ESTA recrutando mergulhador ? como mando meu curriculum pra vc ?


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