About every other day I look on Ebay to see if there are any bargains.  I punch up Commercial Diving and see these lightly used hats.  What I find so humorous, is that the sellers always have "diver" or "deep" maybe "H2O" in their ID.  The hat is always described as "barely used" or "dove 3 times", "in perfect condittion"!  

I bring this up as a meter on the industry, and a warning to the young and gullible.  

Dive schools are puppy mills!  They only show you how to use the equipment.  They don't turn you into a Professional Commercial Diver!!!  

You young pups will know when it is time to buy a hat, when a Supervisor asks you "When are you gonna buy your own hat!"  He's not asking...he's telling you your are ready for the next step.  Until that day comes along, save yourself a lot of $ and grief.  

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And to that question reply
"When you decide to pay me more you cheap mother f*cker until then I'm still using yours"

That's funny. I do the same and that is where I found (2) hats so far. I like the reason for the hat to be auctioned. I'm upgrading. My boss bought me a new one. Health forces sale........There is always a reason .. More like I owe Jack Villa or Deca more $ than it's worth, and I'm sick of choking hose so I'll drag up and be a firefighter or a cop. Something easy and no so dangerous. ... If I had to do it all again I would have been a heavy equiptment operator.


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