SGC Group is looking for commercial divers!  Yes, we're an underwater UXO company and we're expanding!

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Ok,sounds interesting , is national or abroad job, I have licence for working in all countries of south america. Diving from 1978,

Do not and I repet do not!!!!!!!!! send you're certs to these people. Again do not send any of you're information to these people. It is a labor to hire company and are NOT a Military or commercial dive company. For you new FNGs they do not have a shop,they do not work offshore or inland.


What the f*** is up with you people? Those of you who are senior Divers already know this scam and you should be passing the information on to the young guns.

Again, these ASSCLOWNs are not a diving company nor are they a representative for Navspecwar, SOCOM, or EOD.


Those of you who hold Hazwoper, DMT, and our other Qaul cards do not send photo copies of anything. Do not send a resume and do not send a EIN or Social Security number.


Once again for those who are not in the know,this site is plauged with those who want you're info only to start a company for one, another is, many of these assclowns here are not hard hat divers yet claim to be and feed on you're experiences through posts.


The owner of this site is not a Diver, not even SCUBA and has been making a profit off all of you from jump street. Even the MOD isn't a Deepsea Diver,only a two year tender not worth a s***.


You men need to recongnize that many will live through you're posts and re tell what you have mentioned. You have been warned.


Yea CDIVER we are not only watching, we are collecting.

Thou appeareth nothing to me but a foul and pestilent congregation of vapours. - Hamlet

You know...I don't know JT but what he says makes sense.  All these newly appointed deep sea divers desperate to get a job sending resume after resume to do what? Go dig up some h***s in Florida or Puerto Rico?  The fact that JT specifically used EIN tells me that he knows what this s*** is really about. IT's about collecting information.  I'd like to see some real job photos from this outfit. No, not some picture of a guy with a BC in a tiny RHIB bought from Walmart but some actual job pictures. BTW, the picture with the gun tells me one thing:  that you got stacks of Soldier of Fortune magazines strewn all over the floor of your double wide.


So you're telling all of us that you're a better person than those that live in double wides?   That may be an indication that your priorities in life might need to be revisited. 

May I recommend Dr. Tom Stanley's book, The Millionaire Next Door or the book of Proverbs. 

Both are quick reads so not to interfere with waxing your Lamborghini and overseeing your maintenance staff that cares for your 36,000 square foot estate.

Aren't you peddling your own book? You have a great market out there! Hundreds of new dive school grads just itching to read your book and discover the secrets to success! Most of these new grads are 30k in debt and at best will start making less than a Denny's line cook. This sounds very familiar to other books written for new grads wanting to get an upper hand somehow. Show us some of your job pics. The international company that you are. I want to see your two Quincy 5120s (those are compressors). You chambers. Hell, even your hat.


Let me make this perfectly clear.  I refuse to justify anything to anyone that believes that they are better than someone that lives in a double wide.  I know people that either have in the past or are currently living in a double wide.  They clearly don't have your anger issues and definitely have more class.

Your previous statement clearly defines your opinion of yourself.  Any attempt at standing up for those that made a tough decision to move themselves forward by attending a commercial dive school or UXO school is lost on that.  

I'm sure you have a long and distinguished history of helping the new guys that are just getting out of school with tons of positive reinforcement.  Unless they live in a double wide or drive a car not made in the current century.

Your personal belief system needs to be addressed.  I've referenced some good books in the previous post.  I have no financial gain in those recommendations by the way.

Maybe after some soul searching and an open apology to those less than fortunate than you, with your 25,000 sq. ft. estate, we can have a grown up conversation.

Just a word, no critisizm intended, but FNG's have not even earned the title of tender yet much less deep sea diver. Just a thought.

Understood.  And you're right.  They need time on the side.  It shouldn't be about where you start.

Steve, just a thought, try posting the DD214's of Key personnel with photo's sh someone here can do a back ground and prove or dis prove you are legit.

There are concerns, some more over expressed than others, however there are and have been "S*** Heads"  PUN very much intended that have ram rodded BS on this site and have screwed a few guys heads up. Prove your point and put men to work who can and will testify to your legitimacy. 

In addition, as a disabled Vet and Diver activist, I have a nasty habit of verifying information through the Pentagon, the USCG, USMC contacts and the US Navy and SPECWAR associates I have in this industry. Not only to be able to pat valid companies on the back, but to prevent danger and death to my young brothers and sisters here most of whom are on the beach starving and waiting for a boat to get on. If you are new to this site, I pray like the rest of us Adam and his buddies that operate this site have already validated your business. Honest hard working people, and even the FNG's   deserve nothing but total honesty and full disclosure.

FOr any of you who are in doubt, contact me directly at my email or call me 256-553-0420 0700-2000 7days a week. I research and background.

NAWD Sr. Divers watching  all Divers Backs.

Well first it's Army Corps, not Army Corp. Second,

"SGC Group uses the latest dive gear to include SCUBA, Surface Supplied as well as Mix Gas SCUBA"

SCUBA and Mix Gas SCUBA (you're referring to tech SCUBA) are not USACE approved modes of diving and are quickly becoming taboo in all commercial applications and are VERY limited in most dive ops. Deep tech SCUBA is NEVER used in commercial diving, never.  If SGC Group is selling training just say so. Oh, I showed a pic of the shovel in the ground looking for UXO to a veteran EOD tech and he burst out laughing,


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