G-day all,

Quick question... I had a severe case of diverticulitis and a micro-perferation in the sigmoid bowel and was
hospitalised for 2 weeks. . I’m told I will have part of the bowel
removed later down the track.. also in two months I have to have
another colonoscopy to eliminate all possibilities of crohn's.
My question was the surgeons said I could dive again in 4 weeks.... though
my diving doctor and a second opinion both said NO DIVING PERIOD until
I had another CT scan and the colonoscopy was done, and to even think
about a new career as its unlikely I would get back into the water.

Anyone out there had any form of Diverticulae or Diverticulitis and can throw
some advice... Also how will this affect my chances of getting
offshore, and eventually into sat....

Thanks in advance.

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Thanks for the reply and links Mike.
I have alot of info from the net on diverticulitis, but not much was found about diverticulitis & commercial diving..
I know I have to wait until the second colonoscopy till I know for sure, but if there are any divers out there who have gone through this and can/cant dive, please post, or PM me..

As it stands now, I cant work anymore and have to get a officejob till im cleared to dive :(

well diver..i know someone with chrons,,it not very bad most of the time..but when there is an attack it can be bad,,,but medication for it is a everyday thing..and an attack can happen without much notice..how that can affect you being offshore...i dont know..but a high fiber diet can only help...and if you feel the slightest uncomfortable feeling in the belly....DONT DIVE


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