Aban Offshore rig Aban Pearl sank thurs may 13  22:30 local time off Venezuela near Trinidad/Tobago-fatalities poss 2 ..*see rigzone,

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I wonder which company is going to retrieve Aban Pearl from the seabed...?
Bet there is no recovery-just pull another one off the shelf, and carry on.
looks like i'm wrong there is a lot of fuel on board.
Yes, Recovery from 525'
We don´t say it. It is in the news from several sources, for instance:



....so, I still wonder, which company is going to do this?
ol hugo owns and controls all that happens in and out of d sea in venezuela the corruption is unbelivable lived there for 10 years feels like a hundred
jeeeezus!the wh*** oil industry is a disaster!
god help the country
bsafe all


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