Hello folks!

My name is Christian Aeschliman - I'm a casting associate with DS Casting.

We are currently seeking current or retired underwater welders with an annuity plan for a TV commercial for a financial non-profit organization.

There's a trend in advertising to cast real people, not actors, in commercials and this is one of the ways we go about reaching needles-in-haystacks.  

Casting moves fast, so if you could share the casting notice far and wide asap, that would be great!  

Feel free to call with any questions.
Christian Aeschliman



Dynamic people who have (or retired from) visibly risky jobs AND who have annuities within their retirement plan or benefits package. Our ideal subjects are great storytellers and care about their future financial stability. (*Must be able to legitimize your annuity). Applicants must work in the USA or at the very least, have an American annuity plan.

Ideal jobs include:
•  Underwater welders
•  Professional divers
•  Crab fishermen and women 
•  Pilots
•  Wind turbine technicians
•  Oil rig workers
•  Hollywood stunt-people
•  Doctors working in risk-filled settings 
•  High rise window washers
•  Loggers

Will be compensated for your time if selected


Contact us ASAP at: Casting@DSCastingCompany.com with ALL of the following. Only complete submissions will be considered:

• Your name and city/state where you live

• Phone number and Skype name

• Brief Bio of who you are, what your risk-filled job is (or was, if retired) and a bit about yourself.

• Please confirm with a “Yes” that you indeed do have an annuity plan. (You must be able to legitimize your annuity further into the casting process) 

• 3-4 pictures of yourself. Ideally one in your work environment

• Your availability July 1 - July 31, 2018

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