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My name is Jeff and I have been looking into dive schools for the past couple months in hope to switch up my career. I was looking at Ocean corp. inHouston, Divers Academy in NJ and The Commercial Diving Academy in Jacksonville FL. The biggest question I have is if I go to any of these schools I will just come out with the knowledge of how to do things and not necessarily be certified by the IMCA; Will this first step be helpful in getting a job and then I get the certs from there? I have read some of the other posts and it seems that is the way to go about doing it. Any help will be appreciated.

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Go to Scotland or south Africa, no problems then
Go to Scotland or south Africa, no problems then

For school?

The Divers Institute in Seattle offer certification in ADC and DCBC. The DCBC is recognized by IMCA. Iv worked all over the world as a ADCI and DCBC diver and have never been asked for anything else. It depends on the company your working with and the certification that they hold. But other guys may have had different experiences. Egan is right about Scotland or South Africa for IMCA. I just returned from South Africa and their training program is cheaper and you get the IMCA cert. Good luck.  


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