Has anyone worked/dived on this vessel in the past year?
Is anyone working on her at present?
What is the Sat system like, what is the food like, what are the crew like??
Does it have internet access, does it have a gym?

Happy days!

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The system's ok if a little cramped. The bell used to get too fkn hot by far, so take a s***load of water on the bell-runs. The food's good (or was) the galley crew will cook most things you ask for, the crew are friendly enough(brush up on your Hindi), 'net access is there but there's always the a******* who hog the terminals, just tell 'em, the gym's small but adequate, but I found that you can't go too heavy on the weights.
If you can, try to get in one of the 2-man cabins.


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