has every one been updated and learned the new rev 6 us navy dive tables? its pretty cool and way easier,,,you can now decompress in water on 100 percent oxygen.

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dude, o2 in the water has been used by the navy for like....ever. They even utilized them commercially, we used to use them at Global back when they where still using those ole partial pressure tables... those tables where great...at bending guys like pretzels...
i know oxygen has been used,,,,,there are decompression tables for a swith from are to oxygen while in water and decopress....it a revision so yea its new and different
Y'all are showing your age again. You've been around the industry so long that old school knowledge is now being recycled as "new and/or revised" knowledge. :-))

Sorry Chuck, DLayda I couldn't let it pass.
Have You finished Your School?

everett anderson wrote and posted [SNIP} "...it a revision so yea its new and different"{SNIP]


The Item that is NEW is the ORCA (OXYGEN REGULATING CONTROL ASSEMBLY) and ORCA II and the TDM(TOPSIDE DECOMPRESSION MONITOR).{If I recall correctly, designed in house by NAVSEA] to be used with the "REVISE TABLES".

To my knowledge neither one{ORCA or TDM] is available to the "civilian market"
ok...my be it is old info...but my guess is nobody went to the navy scedule and looked to see how different rev. 6 is from rev 5....if its not new the school sure took along time to teach it...we was tought rev 5,,,then had 2 days where the wh*** school was taught by a teacher than just learned it himself.
Yes diva Im old you should know that!!!!! Everett Just so you know many of us oldtimers saw the revision proir to release and yes we do keep tabs on what the navy says and does But just because the Navy "Say;s So" dosnt mean we practice it in the commercial world in fact the Navy takes and impliments a lot of the procedures that we use out here for their projects
Everett what Chuck is alluding to is that these 6th revisions were announced by NAVSEA in April/2008 when the changes were published in the Navy Dive Manual.

The Navy Divers Handbok is a handy abridged version of the Manual. The handbook has been out of print since 1990 and the
new 6th revision was just published in 2/2010. But the infos been out for a few years.

As for the Navys ORCA units, didn't the concept originate with the NASA ECS unit during the Apollo years?


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