at what point during dive school should someone being submitting resumes to companies that they are interested in? 3 months before finishing? 1 month? wait until finished?
What should u have already? TWIC, passport, gear? anything else?
is it a good idea to apply to international companies off the bat? i dont mean US companies that operate internationally but companies that are based in foreign countries? (i.e. SE Asia)
i specifically want to get into the SAT community. When do i make that clear to the company? I know the sooner the better, but a specific time like at the interview is the type of answer i'm looking for. and will this make me more or less desirable as a worker/candidate ?

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Get your TWIC and Passport now.
International will require IMCA certifications.
Besides blowing bubbles what do you have to offer skill wise?
Norway Sat School is cheap.
Remember diving is the transportation to the work site its what you do when you get there that counts.
Fred is right on spot. I'll add this...don't send out your resume 'till you are ready to work, hence the day you get your certification. If you send it now, your resume will get lost. 3 months from now the climate will be very different, a hurricane will insure you a job somewhere. If it's sat you want, then apply to those companies that do sat., such as Caldive, Global Ind., Global D&S, Veolia, to name a few.

When things are busting loose, have you gear ready, in your vehicle. Go knocking on doors, face to face means alot to the guy doing the hiring. Dress like you're ready to go to work right now. Save your money and get additional training to satisfy those overseas companies that do IMCA.

Stay away from the privately owned companies, they tend you screw with your paycheck. Publicly owned companies do things up to standard, they don't want any problems from the labor dept.
Learn anything you can "related to this business" ie welding, structural repairs and fabrication ( can you take a vise clamp out of your tool box and make a wide mouth ring clamp out of it?) things like this make a difference. Remember too, when you graduate your not a diver (NOT YET) your trained to know what to do in diving situations. But you have to become a damn good tender before you get wet (Or the guy your working for is desperate). LEARN, LEARN, LEARN rookie and keep learning on and off the deck it will separate your desire to dive from the thousand and one million tenders who will never dive. Best wishes on your endeavors.
well i know i will be a tender for a few years until i break out, but i've also heard that if you breakout as a regular diver, its back to the bottom when you try to switch over to SAT.
and when do u go to SAT school? can you get the companies to pay for it as part of training? or is in another $20k out of my pocket?
Depends on how fast you want it. Like diving school, your going to have to earn it on deck. Though these schools "Prepare " you for the job, the dive team and your eventual Supervisor will descide when your ready. But if you pay for it, you not the company get 100% of the tax deduction. If cash is tight, it will take awhile.
Good Luck


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