EMERGENCY .... Anyone with information on the DSV Kusroo1 ,HRC clamping arrangements,deck hold backs,life support hook ups,etc or photos please send it to my email,we sailing to rescue the saturation Divers believed trapped in the HRC when the vessel sank since it could not be released.

6 Trapped ...63 meters ....DSV Providence will be there in 3 hours to start the rescuse .Location Iran .

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Rest in peace bros
Two more bodies recovered from Bridge of Koosha 1 .
Still 5 more missing . including Dive E T Mr Chandra.
We are searching for them . Vessel accommodation has been badly damaged due to impact on the sea bed . Vessel went down like a brick hitting stern on the sea bed first....!!!

Looking at the Pictures I have seen so fare the Koosha 1 looks like she very croweded with dive system and gear. I would like to see the Rescue Plan for the HRC deployment and drawings of the release system.

Let not let this happen again

Roger Palmer


Looking at the Koosha-1 would not get my vote of confidence as a stable work platform or DSV.. In my opinion Simatech was just in it to make a fast buck in Iran because they could. I have run several project there so am speaking with some experience. The divers where just tying to earn a living and paid the price. If any one would like a bit of History in this type of operation then get the book ( Into the Lions Mouth by Michael Smart) I lived through that one by the grace of God....and took over as superintendent after we put all the pieces back together...

Just some thought from an old diver still working in the industry

roger palmer



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