Hey there, I think some of you would be of great advice on this. What would be by your opinion the best underwater drill to work with, and the mesh also.


The application for this: horizontal h*** around 9" deep by 1 1/8" diameter. We would have over 300 h***s to do and we are in the market to get the best mesh and the best drill for the diver, you know light but which can do the job quick. We currently have a CP14 which is supposetly a good one, DBB9 (made by Sullair I think) was our favorite but they no longer make them.


If any of you have store name to shoot, you can shot it out we will be glad to look at it(mesh and drill).


Thanks everyone and best day to all

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The cp is a good hammer drill but 9" at 1 1/8 it might be faster to core drill depending what material your drilling into and how accurate the placment of the h***s have to be.  You have to think of things like rebar. Core drilling will cut through the rebar so then the h***s will be more accurate for placment. 
Ohh I forget, its in a concrete wall and there will be probably rebar in the way. I need to be precise in some way, but I do have a guide for the h***.
Are these h***s temp or per if they are per then the h*** has to be accurate if they are temp then drill the h*** deeper then the langth of the anchor and then at the end of the job you can bang them into the wall and then splash zone over the h***s.
Thasnks for the hint and reply Scott. Althought in this situation, anchor will be permanent so we wont need to overdrill the h***.

Go to www.csunitec.com

both air and hydrualic core drills. I recommend the hydrualic as its motor is 1/2 the size of air motor.

also for 1 1/8" dia. h*** you will want to use rig-mounted drill stand. These are very productive drills and time is money.

Also even though it is underwater you must pump water to the core drill to flush cuttings from the bit and h***.

Possable you could rent a hydrualic core drill for the job.


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