I propose that Cdiver has a contest between all the guys that have made their own hats.  Not for the guys who hot-rod out their manufactured rigs, although that could be a sub-category.  I suppose there should be a mask category too.  And to round it out, maybe a widget and gizmo section or so...

Victory comes with the following honors.

Entry into a cheezy hall of fame with pics and stuff,

bragging rights for a year, or longer if we forget to do it on time next year.

A cool title and honorary.... something or other, donated by......... so and so and... what's his face

a plaque put under the winning rig, possibly a mount made for the helmet by that one guy who does that stuff, likely on the mantle, elaborating on its various coolness, neatness or other ness's that may apply.

May be kind of fun.

Individuals who are also existing helmet manufacturers, or work for one, to apply, must build the rig submitted entirely by their own hand and design, without company or other asset or assistance and not be remotely similar to a model they currently in production by them.

May be really really fun actually.

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rock on-brothers show your stuff*
funny... elaborate on the nesses lol. how much time doweget to complte it layda
How about going with existing hardware as much as possible-excepting special apps. Try for inventiveness in overall appearance?
Bill I'm surprised at you, I didn't think you were such a dinosaur ;)

Why go with the current hardware? The diving helmet and hardware that is in use today has remained relatively unchanged for the past 35 yrs. While it may have been innovative back in its day it is woefully inadequate for todays applications. It's time to be creative, innovative and to think outside the "trademarked" box.
Just the things that make it stand out I guess, and the time limit..... how about..... there still has to be divers, ROV's cannot have taken over and I suppose that in the event of the apocalypse we could postpone until just after. I think there should be one, basically, whenever....?
I think Marty would win this with the Origanal stove pipe hat he built!! (Predisesor to the Gladiator)
anyone got a pic of that unit? I only saw the shrek hat and his other gladiator and spartan hats... sounds cool, I feel left out.
May be prejudiced, but think I may have a winner. Built my hat in 1965 when I was tender for George Swindell (Swindell helmet). Added regulator 2 years later. 1/8 " sheet lead sandwiched in fiberglass gave neutral buoyancy. Neck dam fastened to hat with sewer pipe O ring. I still have mold for hat if anyone is interested in building one; let me know.
Hey Ed! You get my vote...well you would if. Was one of the judges, which I can't seem to find any mention of, hmm

George Swindell's tender wow. Was that after Swindell relocated to LA to work for George Sampson, owner of the original Divex? I'd love to hear about that duo. How'd Beckman, CA end up with George's mask? What happened to Divex, how'd it end up in England after George died, etc? I'm bet you have some great tales to tell being Swindell's tender.
Judging will be based on Athenian democracy...Mob rule. Vote early, vote often, no voting for yourself unless you are a doc**ented schizophrenic.

I do dig your hat Ed, just had to know, how did you affix the neckdam to the helmet? tensioned strap? Really cool.
O ring in neck dam stretched over lip on helmet
Good looking hat Ed. I wish more of us would build divable homemade hats if not but just to prove to the supposedly "authorities" that homemade helmets can be just as safe as a $7000.00 hat if not better.


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