I propose that Cdiver has a contest between all the guys that have made their own hats.  Not for the guys who hot-rod out their manufactured rigs, although that could be a sub-category.  I suppose there should be a mask category too.  And to round it out, maybe a widget and gizmo section or so...

Victory comes with the following honors.

Entry into a cheezy hall of fame with pics and stuff,

bragging rights for a year, or longer if we forget to do it on time next year.

A cool title and honorary.... something or other, donated by......... so and so and... what's his face

a plaque put under the winning rig, possibly a mount made for the helmet by that one guy who does that stuff, likely on the mantle, elaborating on its various coolness, neatness or other ness's that may apply.

May be kind of fun.

Individuals who are also existing helmet manufacturers, or work for one, to apply, must build the rig submitted entirely by their own hand and design, without company or other asset or assistance and not be remotely similar to a model they currently in production by them.

May be really really fun actually.

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Finding the time would be the easiest part. I imagine finding the money for materials, parts casting or glassing, etc would be the killer.
I have never lived on campus, I'm legal in all 50 states and who you calling proddy?
Hey chunky butt, lets see a stylish hat concoction for your line of evening wear dive apperal. Havnt heard from you in awhile...Russ

Fine y'all want something new and unique, here you go.

This new conceptual diving helmet would use LED and glass. The device comes with a HUD that is capable of showing important things like GPS maps and schematics, dive tables, vital signs, etc.

Another feature is the electrolysis unit, that extracts oxygen from the seawater around the diver. Silicone is used in the helmet which forms a seal around diver's head which will decrease the chance of injury to the brain in case of accidents.

This design revolutionizes how a human can breathe underwater at the same time interacting with the LED display which offers a panoramic view. This helmet will provide the diver with an extraordinary wide angle view undersea.
Ok, who's next.

Now just build it, with your own two hands, as posted above, and we just may have a winner! lol.

PS, It was my idea so I get a dive....I'll go third, right after diva and the test diver!!!

Reminds me of a test diver in CA, big somb****, at least 239, what was his name? Alan, good guy, old soul, you could tell from the interpretive interaction between his sclara, conjectiva, pupils and iris... especially when he's lit...

Yeah, we'll get him to go first, you can go next, then I''ll go.

I know, I know my chivalry knows no bounds... but c'mon... centrifugal electrolysis? How do you get the PPO2 right? through a variable partial pressure recirculating pack, two intert, one Oxy as a bailout through reclaim, or traditional open circuit emergency gas? What if the battery dies, would it still get cable?

Great concept, hopefully the tech awaits!

You never said that it actually had to be diveable. It's a "blue sky" concept someday, maybe it will be a feasible reality. And I nominate FLYNN to be the guinea pig, I mean test diver, lol.
How about a closed-circuit membrane system.
I've actually done a bit of research on membranes, a company I used to work for did some work with them on a leaky dam, never did get to go on they physical job, but the research was made available to all who wanted the chance.......ah.....data, yum!

I think the best approach could be a membrane, but not the types you refer to.

In our anatomy there are several regions of the body that are fed nutrients and oxygen, and remove the resultant waste and co2 with no direct contact between arterial, venous or even capillaries and the specialized tissues. One example is the placenta, the other the blood brain barrier. As the wh*** of our metabolic systems rely on decreasing states of osmotic balance, from one gas/solid state of pheno-suspension to another, measurable in imbalance by a fractal ratio study of the decreasing size of the capillaries, this goes to establish the correct ratio between optimal liquid to gas to liquid exchange. The elevated pressure associated diving could be made to react with compression on these artificial capillaries to serve to reduce or increase the amount of oxygen osmosis potential in relation to the desired PPO2, these specialized tissues already exist, and in reality their only complexity is that they know how big the h***s in them need to be to let gas exchange be done simply by osmotic dissipation/absorption over a gas/solid permeated hydraulic system aligned in the proper ratio of membrane size, permeation flow and metabolic (gas exchange) load. Think less of a centrifugal electrolytic or other electro/gas-excitation, and more like artificial gill tissue, that has a flow dynamic not unlike a fuel cell, based on flow across a three dimensional permeated membrane.

IDL has a doctorate candidate micro-biologist who just happened to specialize in the growing of extracellular matrices, tissue engineering and the like, they could already be working on it..... depends on how thorough they are...easy breezy.
While I agree that artifical gill tissue would indeed be the ideal solution, that technology is still beyond our technology to implement on a commercial basis. Even if the tech were commercially available I fear it would be cost prohibitive.

A centrifugal electrolysis reactor on the other hand is a technology that is currently available and not cost prohibitive. In this application it could be used to prevent CO2 build up in the helmet because of the constant free-flow, thus eliminating the need for an oral-nasal inside the helmet.

Ideally the CE reactor which can provide breathable air for up to 8 hours would eliminate the need for a bale-out bottle.

All the techy items in this helmet are commercially available now. They have been used in astronaut helmets for years, so why shouldn't they be integrated into diving helmets? It's time to toss out the status quo and bring commercial diving equipment into the 21st century.
which brings us full circle to the need for tenders, inmates or goats..... I mean test divers.

How long can YOU pedal an stationary bike in shallow sat with a spirometer in your grill and a thermometer up your butt?

Do like the applied tech, just rather novel approaches that mimic biologic function, the true proven designs, rather than ones based on tech first used to garner heavy water for the Germans and later us via the Manhattan project....lol

Really cool idea set though!
I was just thinking that a lot of guy already have built homemade hats, most of them quite a while ago, but still...they would definitely qualify. Maybe motivate the younger crowd into starting a here-and-there, when I have a moment, kind of project, see what really goes into it. Even those who start and never really get it done will get a new respect for the ones who have or do.

I dunno, sounded like a good idea at the time, maybe not though apparently! lol!

At least I thought ahead enough to write my idea to the level of seriousness it was expected to be taken with.

Thanks for sparing me the unpolished dismissal. Even though I never got to read it, I found it offensive and almost ran to my rack and wept like a hose-flogged sat-betty...I much preferred the one I did get to read!

.........................Ok, how about a contest for stupidest idea, I have a nomination, it regarded a homemade hat contest...... LOL!

Be well, dive safe all.
-enjoy that i would- I know there is a ton of skilled guys out there-givit a shot..


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