I am happy to have been included in this group.

I have a project that I think may be of interest to the SAT dive community.

I am a faculty member in the College of Business at Colorado State University and I am working on a project with NASA as they are trying to learn more about teamwork in extreme environments for a future trip to Mars!

So, my colleagues and I designed a project looking at Saturation Dive teams as a comparison of astronaut teams and NASA approved our project.

As such, I’d like to identify SAT dive organizations that might be interested in participating.

We are currently envisioning the project as including:

1)      Saturation diving personnel complete a 15-minute survey at the beginning of our project (likely around April 2017).

2)      Saturation diving personnel complete a quick 5 – 10 minute questionnaire at the end of each day they are engaged in their 28-day “mission”

3)      Saturation diving personnel complete a 15-minue wrap-up survey at the end of their 28-day mission.

So, let me know if anyone knows of any companies that might be interested in being involved. You can reach me at:


Thanks for considering,



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