Anyone knows this company?  It is supposed to be from India or Singapore.

How can we get in touch with them?

They are supposed to be the one in charge of retrieving "Aban Pearl" from the sea bed in Venezuela.

Thank you in advance for any feedback...

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Thank you very much.
to all
as omar can tell u,woooow coruption at the higest level!
money talks b******* walks
bsafe u all!
While domain no longer exists because it was not renewed, (a fact that, as in itself, talks very badly about the alleged enterprise and possibly confirm that company as "briefcase enterprise" with dark presence on the Internet), it is still possible to consult some of its old contents with the help of this website dedicated to protect Web pages that have been created at some point on the Internet:

the email address that comes out there is:
30 Shaw Road # 04-06
Singapore 367 957
Tel: +65 9088 2315Fax:
+65 6284 7515
I found it:

I did try to get in touch with them, but no reply yet.
Will they try to retrieve the Aban Pearl from the sea bed, as the news and PDVSA executive says?

- I duno!

Maybe you guys outside can get more info and maybe a contract or a job, which is what we all are looking for (I guess). A foreign contractor is in better position to negotiate and/or to work in Venezuela. A local contractor may get expropriated at any moment.

If you find any info, please let me know.

I just did an investigation through a friend and found out something:

Apparently, two people, whose names follow, and who work in the company, have been involved in certain shady businesses with the Government of Venezuela.



The company appeared out of nowhere to rent the Aban Pearl, I think Marcos information is accurate.


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