If your bored and have time on your hands as a diver in the off season with all the cold weather and all in the 48 States why don't you think about coming out here to Hawaii and enjoying the good weather and diving. I am looking for a few new diving pals to go adventure diving with. I am tired of just talking about it. Believe it or not it gets boring out here too so drop a line if that might be you. Ace Parnell

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Try Honolulu dive companys but its real tight here good luck.
What an amazing offer Ace. I'd swim there, who needs dough! What is the job market like on the islands? I am still looking for a career, wished like everything for a diving career, got married, wife wanted to leave Louisana, so we left, went to central Florida in '85. Lost a good diver school mate, Scott Wiker in a diving accident at Crystal River, FL in '87. Tore me up and swore Id never dive again. I was born to dive, started at age 13, took lessons at Woodward Academy in College Park, GA. Graduated from FIT in '82 in Commerical Diving. Worked for S&H Diving, then IOD/CalDive. Miss diving, had great instructors at FIT, great diving buds too! At 51, my body is ready for the sun, I'd work on a boat or whatever, just as long as I had food, a place to rest up and some $$ to pay the bills. Im single and ready to hit the road!
Not sure, i was in a class that started in '79, busted my knee, sometime during '81, but went down to work with S&H Diving outside of Morgan City, think that was in '80 or '81. I went back and finished school, so was at FIT, Jensen Beach with two cla****. Jeff's name sound familiar. I was known as Tiny, at 6'4" and 245 lbs, not so tiny. There were guys from Texas, California, Florida, Michigan, Canada, New York, Jersey, NC, Virigina, Vermont, Mass, Maine, just about every state. I was there when hurricane David hit and demolished the dorms. Scott Wiker & I worked for the Diving Dept, doing maintenance. If I saw a picture of Jeff, I would recognize him. Several divers went to work for Oceaneering, Taylor, Sante Fe, man, there were a bunch. Some divers, the women went to work back in Illinois, one went back to Kansas or Nebraska. One stayed in Jupiter as a life guard. I think Jeff, he was in the class of 78 or in the class that started in 79! I roomed in the dorm, 2nd floor, next to Tim Smith, aka Bag Bighter and John (ex Dallas Cop). A diver we nicknamed Neil Young was across the hall. I think we got wasted in the Rat H*** on campus! If Jeff was there, he'd remember. Ask if he remember our debut in the Boat Parade! We were Commander Codfish's Panty Raiders! Got a long story there to tell! Funny too!
jjsize58@bellsouth.net www.a-26legacy.org
I think you guys need to come visit me before you freeze to death. I have a room until the 21st when Martys Sister arrives. My boat is full of fuel. O h yea almost forgot (not to rub it in cause I like you guys) is a comfortable 80 degrees. We have doggie cookies. hehe
Flynn thats what the Kona Coonace has been talking about with a big come on come on.
Job market is like it is every where else real tight to none and its expensive to live here. If something comes up I'll let you know ok..
Deja Vooodo
I can see it now, before the poor kid can even walk grampa will have one of those little 18 inch Mark V helmet replica's on him...does Viking make a size 0-3 months drysuit?
And if that wee little lass says grampa I wantto be a deep sea diver, are you still going to let her choose her own path, gramps? :)
Black Label, Partagas, and the four floors! Yeeehaww!!!! I was in Havana last week, cold as hell, 45 degrees, but here in Sing we are nice and comfortable at 92 or so...
Singapore its always warm and hot and humid.


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