If your bored and have time on your hands as a diver in the off season with all the cold weather and all in the 48 States why don't you think about coming out here to Hawaii and enjoying the good weather and diving. I am looking for a few new diving pals to go adventure diving with. I am tired of just talking about it. Believe it or not it gets boring out here too so drop a line if that might be you. Ace Parnell

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ouch that hurts... being an inshore diver in western europe, with no off season to chill and water temperatures of 3°C. Hawai sure sounds good.
no cash no splash, lol
Guillermo this is not a job or commercial diving its for enjoyment recreational type of diving in the off-season with friends a big difference.
HUGE difference. To this day I have never been wreck diving....at least not something that wasn't being salvaged. I think about it often though. I would love Hawaii
Randy to keep this interesting look on the videos section and look for the submarine dive on the sunken Naked Lady and you will get a quick glimpse of a neat wreck we dive here.
Of course if you really want to dive some World Class shipwrecks go to Truk Lagoon and explore the sunken Japanese fleet depths from 30' to 213' now thats alot of ships like 68 I believe.
Will watch the video now. I will also put a little research into your suggestion. I love history, and I can never get enough of that stuff
I meant the video of the Naked Lady....impressive
good one I'm still laughing.
only if your making the video for later... ;)
hey ace-any work there for a level 2 adas female commercial diver?
Please contact me on the in box site. Thanks


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