If your bored and have time on your hands as a diver in the off season with all the cold weather and all in the 48 States why don't you think about coming out here to Hawaii and enjoying the good weather and diving. I am looking for a few new diving pals to go adventure diving with. I am tired of just talking about it. Believe it or not it gets boring out here too so drop a line if that might be you. Ace Parnell

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Mike I'm sure not trying to rub it in just offering an alternative. I know all too well how cold it is there-been there and learned after 30 years "Why be cold" . Yea we are all mostly broke but must press on thats why the post. We only do this once you know.Thanks for your reply should things change come on.
I would like to take a rain check on that invitation Mike if thats ok with you. And yes I am interested but not just now I really mean that.
Weird...when bored I shoot stuff too! Very satisfying feeling about it. Just hard to obtain .45 ammo :(
Sarah, I have plenty of .45 ammo. My favorite pistol if still Colt .45 and I prefer the Thompson to any of the other subguns.
Anyone want to team up to build a little wintering complex in Honduras? I have friends with beachfront property just north of Omoa. 25 yrds to a shallow reef - 10' and 100 yrds to deeper reef - 35' from high tide line. too many fruit trees around to get hungry and the SalvaVida beer is good.
Thanks Martin, Im use to firing a .45 Ruger single-action and a P345 Ruger. The revolver was my grandpa's and Dad got me the other, he just likes to keep it for me is all...RIGHT!!! LOL
You should get a .45 long colt lever action carbine to accompany the single action. I too have been known to give my kids guns that I kept for them. Got my son a Springfield M1A1 for his 2nd birthday.
Like to go out to a buddys land and shoot the Springfield 1903 or .45. Has a berm and sand pit we haul all our beer and liquor bottles to die at. The cows dont care whats going on and some of the bottles arent too empty before they arrive. LOL
Damn-seems like I just got here and everybodys gone to the Pub :)
Can come drink with me Bill! Boobs+ shots...think your have the better deal here ;)
I'll drink to that
I gave up my professional standing years ago but on occassion have been known to have an occassional tot,medicinal you know.
Im in the Army Medical Corps. Im more than qualified to monitor and chart proper medical procedures, even render aid a needed... like getting the next round! LMFAO


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