I have yet to leave for dive school...I'm wondering if being 43 years old is too old to start? Any takers?

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No its not to late. On the way back from taking the tour of C.D.A. I flew with a guy who was 43. he said he just started.
Im not sure why you would want this.
Hi i'm 45 just trained and am working on a pipeline in New Zealand. I am fitter than half the younger guys on the course and expect to be working 4 another few years yet. Fittnes is more important than age .
I agree Rhett, I feel staying in shape is a way of life. Also allows one to live a more fulfilling life as one gets older. I have worked in many fields and have always been as fit or more fit than my coworkers, even though I have often been older than they.
Hahahaha... is that right young fella?
I was 47 when I passed my course and that was 3 years ago and I haven`t looked back, go for it!
Thank you Neil for the encouragement.
Mr Cocks in the UK is the oldest.


He must be in his 70's and graduated at 55 ish
I have just returned to diving at the age of 49, i had a 7 year career break in Marketing but had the urge to get back into diving. Doing great now, did 6 months Civils work to get my network back up, did a few Offshore jobs then renewed my 3.1U Inspection ticket, approached a major Inspection company and they offered me a place on a Trainee Inspection controller programme, two months later i have passed my 3.4U Inspection controllers exam and I am working offshore...so yes it is possible age is no barrier, if you are fit and prepared to study, the options are there for a great career...GO FOR IT

Age does not not matter, what matter is the gray matter....they say. I was hired as an offshore and inshore diver in 1999 (Ex Navy diver) at the age of 45. I took my commercial diving ticket only in 2007, I am now 55 years old and still with the diving industry. Just go on trying and lets make our mind strong that there are takers around.
I'm 46, I've been diving for 3 years offshore. So long as you're fit you should be ok. Age shouldn't count for anything, in fact it should be a bonus. Out of the 14 guys that passed out from my dive school i was the first one to get work.
Hey, at 43 I trained up as an ALST in Sg hoping to go offshore & my Instructor told me that on his last offshore job he had 3 diver's in Sat and the sum of their ages was 178 years. That puts em all near 60. At 45 yrs old I graduated as an USSD (Air Diver) and took the "Highest Overall Achievement" award. Since graduation I've been called for work by 4 companies in BC Canada and I've just completed 2 jobs/projects with a great crew. Each project was weeks in length. You decide if you're too old. I know that I'm not because I decided to succeed in this industry. I Love the job even when its in really tough conditions. Don't ever loose focus of your dreams for your life!


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