I have yet to leave for dive school...I'm wondering if being 43 years old is too old to start? Any takers?

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Larry, look at the school up in Minnesota. They focus on inland training and isn't as long or expensive as the other schools.
Expense is a factor, but length is not really. I keep hearing that Young Memorial is the best bang for the buck. I called them up and found the entire tuition and gear is under $5K, but the waiting list is about a year to get started. Is there different training for inland vs. offshore? I would think the training to be the same.
I'd say your not to old if you can physically do the work and don't mind taking s*** of a 25 year old diver.
The physical part I can do no problem. As for dealing with young adults...all I have to say is an ass is an ass regardless of age.
A 43 yo baby diver?? Save your money mate, go on a nice diving holiday...
Why is it that you feel I am too old?
Good luck to you. I am almost 46 and I am graduating in one week from DIT (Great school). I'm in the top 25% of my class. You can do as much as you let yourself. I have a job lined up.
Awesome! Thanks for the info! Can I ask a few questions? You can reply directly to my personal email if you like: laurence@lnjenterprises.com
Which company are you going to work for?
What are they starting you out as, what position?
What is your starting pay?
Thanks again for the reply!
Go to welding school first and then go to dive school.
I would suggest Santa Barbara City College Marine Technology.
You have to be a jack of all trades to be a successful
commercial diver.Diving just takes the mechanic to the job site.
I've been diving heavy gear since the age of 16 and Im 66 now. Your never to old to follow a dream, the only limits you have are the one's you set on yourself.
Thank you Fred. I am a dreamer, always have been...This type of career really has me interested, far more than anything else I've ever looked at. Most of the schools have welding schools either included or as an additional course. Is there anything different about the welding school you are suggesting?
Your age should not be a factor in your career choices. I am 49, and have been diving since I retired from the army. I still dive even though I am now a dive supervisor. I have a few Chino hands that are my tenders and they are in their 40's. They are some of the best tenders that I have ever worked with. I would rather us them than some of the young ones that do not have any discipline. With your age you bring a wealth of experience in other fields that can help on deck that the younger tad-poles do not have. I say if you can still pass a dive physical and handle the stress of the apprenticeship. Then more power to you bro.
Here here - well said. There is a lot to be said about the 'level headedness' that an older person with plenty of life experiences can bring in to a job that requires calmness and keeping your nerves. I'm 46 and trying to break in and I have a long history of mechanical engineering - not dive related but universal skills that are transferable including work ethic.


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