I have yet to leave for dive school...I'm wondering if being 43 years old is too old to start? Any takers?

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i don't think so. at the ocean corp there was a grandpa in his late 50's who was retired with the house and RV that came to school. he took the NDT course but don't know what he did afterwards for a job. you might not get into mainstream diving, but there's a few other aspects for you. there's companies around the world that you could get with where you're not a tender for 2 to 3 years. there's lots of choices.
At this point, I'd just be happy to find a job, even if I was stuck tending for a while.
If you got any leads on thes companies, Toby, Id be glad to lookinto them. Ive called quite a few in the last few months, and even with my back ground I'm having a hard time getting in the door.
you're 42??? i would've never guessed that, lol.
Thats just awesome! Thanks for the encouragement.
Thanks for the info. Being new to the industry I am not aware of all the different aspects as yet. I suppose with all the technological advances and additional construction going on around the globe I should look at it some more.

Thanks again!
There are some divers down in the Corpus area that are in their 50's and 60's. They work slow, but stay busy and make good damn money. You may want to look at inland diving as opposed to offshore, less deco and easier hours. Inland you will be in the dive rotation. Offshore you will tend to divers 10 years younger than you.
Bad time to pick a new career. Even the guys who have made a name for themselves are spending more time at home than they would like.
I spend everyday at home now...better to have some work than none don't you think?
I've read most of your replies and find you quite funny. I should throw in that I am a veteran of the Air Force (8 years as well). Now I know that the jokes will come flyin my way as well. No pun intended...
Are you attending Young Memorial, or have you not started yet?
I am still undecided as to which school to attend. They all claim to be the best of course.
If anyone has any suggestions, I open. I've looked at Commercial Dive Academy in Jax, DIT in Seattle, Ocean Corp in Texas, and now Young Memorial.

Does it really matter which school I attend? Each one says "yes", but I'm wary. Being as old as I am, I really think I will stick to inland diving, but is there a school more suited for this type of work?
Dude, Young Mem is the school to go to. The others give afew more certs for what you are paying them, but there is a good chance that by the time you can use those certs, you will have had to update them a couple of times and the company that you work for will pay for that instead of out of your own pocket. Just go to youngs mem, and see about getting a HazWoper on the side(youngs doesn't do that, but might need it thanks to BP)
I Just Graduated from IDI in march,2010. I am 43. Thiugh I have been a diver for nearly 20 yrs, I needed something to do. Easy book work, and alot of time in the water. HAd a ball!


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