I would like to invite all you seasoned divers both Inland & Offshore here on cDiver.net to the Old Man Club. Please join the Group: Old School Divers. If you were a working diver before Andrew that will do. Also if your back hurts all the time, you are missing body parts, and you know what partial pressure tables are.

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Hey you might want to read the article a little closer that was really me inside of that gear being Capt. Nemo for a day about 5 years ago for a photo shoot here in Kona that at the time was my 60th Birthday. Lucky me.
Now thats old school and it was a hell of a lot of fun too.
Of course I read the article and looked at all the pictures, I knew it was you that's why I downloaded the pic. This discussion just presented the perfect opportunity to debute the pic.

My only question is "Who had to polish all that copper and brass afterwards?"

Because I didn't see a tender lurking around anywhere in those pics:)
Well Diva it wasnt me who had to polish up the hat but the reason you didnt see any tender was because in the Capt. Nemo rig it was all self contained with no air hose to the surface so your really on your own when you dive it. Yes we had safety divers behind the cameras good thing too because it would be easy to get going the wrong way due to limited vis our of the hat.

On another note in looking at the callendar I see its been 40 years to the day that Earth Day was first started. Diva not far from where you live thats Long Beach, Ca. it was on this day in life and just 2 months to the day from coming home from Vietnam that I had the honor to meet Capt. J.Y. Cousteau who was at the time giving a talk on u/w pollution at Long Beach State. What made it real personal was he signed a book I brought along titled "The Living Sea" so today 40 years later to the day its an honor to look back at that moment reflect on his attitudes and the brief conversation we shared back then and the photo of that chance meeting. Thought you might appreciate hearing that history as it was what alot of grew up on watching him and his adventures. The Cousteau spirit still lives on in many of us today.
Not sure that I meet your criteria as I am but a lowly sport diver who once had a son that was a commercial diver, but I do meet most of your other requirements. I'm old, may back hurts, do still have most of my body parts, at least the parts that show and I do know my partial pressure tables.

Currently I am writing a book on how it is our responsibility as old dogs to look after the young dogs. How we were once indestructible as they perceive themselves to be now. But more importantly how it is our responsibility, our obligation to jump into the proposed rulemaking currently under way in Washington DC. in an attempt to protect those young dogs. The divers are going to have to get involved, show a uniform front if the revised CFR is to be of any value. We old dogs have nothing to lose. Anyone interested?
I say yes Peter please add my name to your list of old dogs wanting to help look after the new dogs. I stand to help keep a proper balance for divers safety and Divers political conscerns. For the record my first Divers safety symposium meeting was in New Orleans for a ADC safety meeting that was held there we drove from California to New Orleans to make it. The motivation factor was that my dive co-worker who I was diving with was gaffed in the leg while diving, we were cleaning hulls of boats and some drunk guy came up and gaffed him, lucky it wasnt in the neck,chest or groin oh yea that could have very well been me. We all have come along way since then and need to keep fine tuning our diving safety. Who knows better than us working divers. If the working divers dont do their part someone else will and we mostlikely wont like the outcome. So I like Peter ask you all " Who else will step forward and join this effort ?"
You can sign me up been pushing this for years!!!
A suggestion;

First thing is to all interested, copy the CFR and start writing changes You would like.

If You have not already started.

See URL below for CFR;


Would be best if we all use the same format{the format to write and make changes].

Suggestion in Adobe Acrobat.

As Adobe has an option to set up a doc**ent on line and many party's can work on the same doc**ent on line.

Comment, Opinion , Advice?

Here let me make it easer. The attached doc has the existing CFR in the left column
The proposed revisions in the center, ADC sugestions or red the blue are mine. The right column is for anyone to comment Please disregard the phone numbers in the footer they are old and long ago disconnected. This was originaly done in 1998 the email address is still good, Thanks to all that are willing to assist


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