I am a television producer in the United States and am interested in contacting divers with experience in diving offshore for diamonds in Namibia. My goal is to create a television series following a group of divers searching for diamonds. Please contact me via this forum or directly by email at jgrassie1@verizon.net

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S***, I'll dive for diamonds!.... sign me up. haha
I have some divers that stole diamonds, thats how they got to Chino.
Check with South Africa Dive Schools they send hands to the diamond fields.

homing pigeons do the trick they did it across the namibian border all u need is 50 pigeons for an early retirement. 

Last thing I wanna see is another show like: Deadliest Catch, Ice Road Truckers, The Rig, Delta Divers, Ice Pilots NWT, Swamp Loggers, Ax Men etc.....

that follows people with hazardous jobs for 7 seasons where every episode has a moment of "intense" drama that is soooooo ramped up by the producers that when you finaly see it 8 commercials later its such a let down that I wanna smash the TV. Not only do I not care too see these kinda shows but I cringe at the thought of arm chair cowboys thinking "man that looks cool, I wanna do that" Trust me buddy our jobs arnt that exciting and there are enough people going through dive school.

And dude the last last lasttttt thing I need is another TV trooper coming up to me and tryin to talk diving because they caught the latest episode of Salvage Code Red!

If you wanna film something intresting and make a ton of cash doing it and guarentee yourself ratings. Make porno
Hell lets have a special on the guy that thought up the Pet Rock and made a million bucks in a month selling them at Christmas.
Lets sell them to Red Hats, so when ya tuck em in there bunk they have something to hug.

You're my hero for the day!!!

Yeah Mike its all too real the hazards of the jobs. The thing is if disaster on these shows really do strike like the producers play it up like it will, then those same producers are in a situation where they gotta ask themselfs "Do we actually show this footage out of respect or do we just make a note of it during the show and at the end of the episode have a little obituary ??" Its usually always the later.

I remember I think it was last season of Ice Road Truckers they really hammed it up hard for like a week before the episode "AND THIS SEASON A TRUCK FINALLY GOES THROUGH THE ICE!!!!" Like it was a big deal, well finally the episode hits and some bloke trys to do a river crossing and he is really timmid about it. Sure enough the ice cracks......and he breaks in 3 inches under the bottom of his front rims, threw it in reverse and just backed out. The wh*** time one of his mates was standing about 10 ft infront of him out on the ice of the river as a spoter.Anyone else see that ??.. fml was that lame, I think thats when I had it with those shows
I don't have experience with the diamonds but i have a lot expererience in the black gold and i intereste
I know a diver that is still active in the diamond diving in Namibia. Send Willem a mail at info@namibweb.com He may help you with all the info you need.
hi are u still on with this tv series or not,have 14 years of diamond diving in namibia.email me at uapingena@yahoo.com.

South African diamond diver for 9 years, on Namibian border.

Reply sco@omail.co.za

Uh, good luck.  We had 3 divers taken hostage in less than a year.

Unless you plan on using hidden cameras, no lighting, and no production...I wouldn't go around carelessly waving high-priced equipment around.


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