So the low down...

... Sorting out my s*** and heading off to dive school next year after 5 years of "considering it" - we only have one commercial school here so I want to be sure Im making the right choice for training if anyone can give me an honest answer as to what they think;

 - Plan to get ADAS 3 and uncertain as to where to go from there (will prob hold it for a while whilst I build up some experience in the industry and make the next move from there - completing my welding certs before heading to dive school so will have something to keep me happy when topside).

Realistically where can I expect to be after looking at the above? Im 20... female (a given) and pretty driven on this - plan to gain enough experience to contract myself out as a self employed contractor for dive jobs. No s*** wanting to retire in 20 years time and plan to make some dough along the way to do so (realistic as to what I can make out of this).

From what I've found here in NZ jobs pay from US $350 - 1000 (lucky) a day dependant on jobs / experience... not wanting to jump straight into offshore (ahhh **** who am I kidding, would if it came along of course) but wanting to build a strong base for experience etc etc any advice as to if I'm on the right track with this? ... or even where I should be heading with it (ahh yeah dont start with the jokes).

... Started out rec diving (dive master) but realised I wanted something more hands on and more trades like. Realise its pretty hard for a chick in the industry (spesh starting out) but I can take it and give it just as well as the boys and am ready to prove it... advice would be great!

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With your welding certs as a base you are off to a good start.
Neptune Marine out of Austrailia would be a outfit that might be interested in you. they are international with offices and work in UK, Asia, U.S,Middle East.
Its a mans world with few women in it,But the tide is changing and its skills that get you the job.
Even the French Foreign Legion is opening up to women and believe me if you get a gal thats a Legioneer you will not F#@* with her and live to tell the tale.
the thing is we are not DIVERS we are just regular construction workers that happen to work underwater if you wouldnt be happy doing the job on surface then stay away the novelty of working underwater works off really quick
Hard I know where ya coming from - been looking for a trade here but I wasted a little time out of school and settled for a desk job... pretty handy with my hands and learn things quick so hoping to pick things up as a I go along. Very keen to get into engineering and had a go a while back as CNC operator so I would say I could pick up a few trades fairly quickly.

- If I had to choose anything then I would say I would make a bloody good welder, If I was working a trade topside then it would pretty much be a welder or a builder.

... saying that though I could easily weld topside for a living, Im not at all mechanically minded (i.e, never got into a trade) but like I said learn quickly - I def know coming to school with a trade would make it easier at the other end, dont want to end up at the other end though as jack of all trades master of none though... or do I? I would say I can pretty much give anything ago with fairly good results. I think I'm leaning towards welding because I can get my tickets by studying/working after my day job - I was keen to do an automotive course but its a year full time and at the moment not very viable.

- Little concerned about picking a job up as a female, but is it a fairly level playing field as in if I have skills that match or better a male then Im not going to be left out just because I have boobs? So keen to get the ball rolling on this one.
I always had in mind that I would weld but was a little unsure when I looked at jumping on course and was told that there is hardly any welding done... My jobs are tidy and well done so I figured what ever came naturally would be the path to follow. - That and I enjoy working in a workshop topside anyway.

... I work hard and play harder so Im sure Id fit in and get the job done, its just deciding really what added skills I want before I gear up.

Nice luck trying to buy my way ;) ill burn through ya paycheck like no tomorrow... will take more than sea stories to woo me hahahahaha.
Hello Kassi,
Flynn has it right there. You will have some resistance in the industry being a woman but persevere. If you specialise in like welding for instance and get s*** hot at it then your rep for being that good will do the work for you and get you jobs once you make a name for yourself in that line. The tale that schools tell of the big money is b******* starting off and they should be done in for their lies. The average diver in the industry for the first 2 years will work all the crap jobs known to man and in no viz and get payed peanuts for the privilege but once you get the break and grab it and make your name as a good diver then the good jobs come your way. Then you may (and I say may) make money. If you need any advice then this is a good place for it with many years of experience throughout the site. Habitat welders are paid well but not exactly a lot of the jobs out there. NDT is another area that is specialised but there are a few out there that do it now but with platforms getting older and still producing the need for NDT will always be there and increasing. Hope it goes well for you and you get a good break
Do what you have to do and do it because it's what you want to do, not necessarily to prove it to anybody else. I started out as a recreational diver too, I fell in love and started collecting as many certs as I could to just keep learning everything I could and it got to the point where I realized I wanted to dive and get paid for it. Even scuba jobs cleaning the tanks at aquariums they wanted you to have your C-Card, so that's where I am now. I graduate on the 30th of this month. Good luck! :)
have you contacted any companys in nz regarding work etc, also I dont know who told you that you would be getting 350-1000 us a day, i think they were exagerating a bit, you can expect as a noob straight out of school if u get work is about 250-300 nz, if ur planning to get ur adas part 3, then make sure u get ur bosiet
... $$$ wise was with experience not straight out of school??? From what I gathered (through a mate out of school here) was about $300 and I believe that was working in the south island but cant remember doing what exactly. Either way its alot more than I'm paid now :)

Havent contacted any companys here regarding work yet, thought I might do that close to course and I wasnt actually too sure who to contact... I'm tossing up work here or australia first but if you could point me in the right place here it would be good - trying to keep work here in nz for a little while first.

Noone had even mentioned a bosiet so thanks :) ... here in NZ would it be best via M&O Pacific or would you recommend a different outfit? Def planning on doing my ADAS part 3 (hoping to do it in one lot if I can afford the time off work otherwise ill do it in parts but either way ill be doing 3).
kewl if ur dream is to be a com diver i reacon just go straight thru 2 prt 3 (My opinion) nt sure when u r planin to do ur course but if ur finished b4 beginin of next year u can prob get work on the tuna boats in port lincoln Aussie, which is quite a nice bit of money, one more bit of advice, ask around the nz and aussie companys b4 and while ur training just to let them know ur there, (pester them a bit) so that when u graduate u will already be known to a few companys, u might not get a job straight awy but it cant hurt!!!! keep safe god bless
Planning to do my course mid-next year so a little too early to be in Aus. But will keep that in mind season by season... when I first looked into training it seemed Aus had abit of work with tuna and also salmon. Who would I begin to look at in NZ? I def want an employer with a good rep in the industry.

... I plan to ask around abit as soon as I've finished my welding certs - basically build up my name abit as a topside welder which in turn should hopefully pave the way for a good rep once I get ADAS (ya know if they think Im good topside then hopefully they will be interested to see what I do wet).

Def hear ya, I figure maybe if they dont have a job on offer or cant get a job straight away then they might refer me to someone who would hire or recommend a job somewhere else (or hopefully hold my number at the very least).

Thanks for the advice, appreciated when starting out - spesh when ya dont know anyone that actually does it apart from a select few. Did you train in NZ?


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