anyone hiring , people without twic cards and who probable cant get one :(

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How old is your record?
95 have an explosives felony  looking like my carreer is doomed might b sellin a hat soon know anyone
Have you applied for a TWIC ? I know former drug dealers with one and a guy with weapons felony with one.
its tough with out 1
Can't get one you serious? ha
I do know Krogers will hire you
The potable water companies don't have much care, but that means not much pay.  Some inland companies.  Most offshore will need that TWIC.  Not that they care, it's just getting you through the gate.  Try S&J in houston, you'll probably fit in there.

We all make mistakes in life brother, the key is do not quit. There are companies that will give you a shot if you've made every effort to keep your s*** wired and can prove it. Penance is long and hard, some guys in this business forget the stupid crap they got away with. Thank the Glorious ADC and their pirates for the politics to get work these days. Half the crap they peddle is copied NEDU/ Navy Regs, and they will not cover you after you go broke diving their program. It is going to change and soon. Its time for the has been's to retire take their ill gotten gain and fade away. But Divers will have to start standing together and sticking together to make it happen.



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