News article "Navy Divers set national record for deep diving "

Record Schmecord:


Just some math...233 meters is about 764 feet...I've never done any work in India, but I bet someone has, commercially, in sat... 764fsw, that's deep, but doesn't seem worthy of a national record... hell, I've been past 800'.  


Anyone know of any sat operations done past 800fsw in that locale?  I just feel that some deeper work was done in that area commercially, you know, WORKING DIVES.


Love to force a correction...Did they even use their own system?  Even the uber-wealthy US Navy has to lease sat systems from commercial entities...


I smell bs.


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While I was looking for info on the SLS System,I am looking for a UltraJewel helmet

that can fit on this system, or one that can be rebuild to fit one.

I came across this film on youtube, they are at 278 meters

on the ROV there you can see how deep they are.

the SLS Sytem by Divex can be used ever deeper, perhaps they have more info

they talk about 13,5 minutes of spare time at 400 meters


gr Rob

There are some galleries of brazilian divers on "Offshore diver". The depth gauge says 313 msw.

Insane is right, I never ventured anywhere close to that except that one.  Had offers for returns to deeper depths, but declined in respect that once was enough.  It was scary, dark, uncomfortable... and best left for someone with much larger, denser cahones than I was willing to equip myself with; easier money to be made closer to the sunshine and self made dinners.


Shallow sat is ok, surface gas is alright, deep and intermediate air even better...


But the uber deep gives me a p****ache, and monistat don't cure that kind of problem.




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