whats up folks?

i have just moved to the US. i am a british commercial diver with 10 years experience. im trying to find a start in the GoM, can anyone help out and throw a few leads my way?

ie- who to call/contact etc

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Pretty hard times right now.  A lot people out of work.  Most divers are doing something else just to get by.  Pray for a Hurricane.  

thanks bud.

will stick to scotland for now then.

if anyone is interested.... LEIGHTONS are currently running a rather large job offshore of iraq. should be ongoing for another 2-3 years.  SAT and AIR work.

Technip's has a good bit going on.  Try Troy Magnus in the Carlyss, LA. office. Trinidad, GOM, Mexico, W.Africa and etc. I think.

Or go to Norway and work on the Skandi Artic, awesome boat.


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