hey to anyone who's listening. I need some input from anyone who's in or has been in business for a good amount of time. I'm 39 yrs old and just finished completing the CAD portion of school. I've been told so many different things about what i should do and how my career will be. I dont know who or what to believe anymore. I've been told I need to finish a specialty course thru school but of course this is what the school is telling me cuz tey want my money. Then i hear of companies taking people who are CAD certified and training them thru their company. Then there's my age. Will I  even be able to dive offshore? Or anywhere. I dont know what I need to do to be in the water. I dont know who to trust. I hope someone can give me a better outlook than what I have right now. I wanna be in the water as much as I can.

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Its a commercial diving school. Natpoly which used to be called college of oceaneering.
When I want thru it was Called Childers Diving Corporation then changed to Commercial Diving Center then College of Oceaneering and now Natpoly what name for a dive school. And now you know.
and whats funny is we had a meeting at school today and they are changing the name again. National university. haha. and i wonder why i'm so confused. they cant even figure s*** out. haha. thanks for all your replies. i appreciate all your cander.
Laura it sounds like they sold it again maybe they will get rid of the big fat boy who ran it.
haha. was Doc Anglin there when you were in school?
Laura, what have you done prior to going to dive school?
As you know diving is how you get to the job site its what you know how to do when you get there.
become a certified welder and that with your CAD will get you work.
with 40 plus years of diving I required a certified welder in all my dive crews.
on one job I had 50 divers and everyone was also a certified welder.
s*** breaks and stuff needs to be fabricated. key is welding.
I know your thinking christ I just went to school now you want me to learn more. 250 thousand welders are needed to replace the old farts leaving in the next 10 years. welding is insurance in slow times. Good luck kid keep charging forward.
are you talking underwater welding or topside? we're being told in school that underwater welding is slowly being taken out of the biz. i'm for sure gonna get a topside welding cert. they say we have to choose a specialty course thru school and are pushing EMT/DMT on us. not too sure what i'm gonna do or even if i'll continue with the specialty course. not if its a waste of time and money. i'll research alot more avenue's. thank you for the info. it really has opened my eyes. :)
Well if your feeling stoked on it I say go for it and best of luck too you!
Just gotta keep the grit and determination :)
This is an ideal time to research your options. Have you given any thought to research diving, archaeological & scientific diving, ships husbandry diving, underwater photography, videography, underwater engineering, rov, LST, etc. etc.----as well as inland/coastal construction diving, offshore oilfield construction, demob, salvage, etc.
no i havent but all of that sounds awesome so i will start really researching it all. thanks so much. :)
thanks! i appreciate it.


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