hey to anyone who's listening. I need some input from anyone who's in or has been in business for a good amount of time. I'm 39 yrs old and just finished completing the CAD portion of school. I've been told so many different things about what i should do and how my career will be. I dont know who or what to believe anymore. I've been told I need to finish a specialty course thru school but of course this is what the school is telling me cuz tey want my money. Then i hear of companies taking people who are CAD certified and training them thru their company. Then there's my age. Will I  even be able to dive offshore? Or anywhere. I dont know what I need to do to be in the water. I dont know who to trust. I hope someone can give me a better outlook than what I have right now. I wanna be in the water as much as I can.

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all right I'll open this thing up
I dont wanna be a nay sayer or anything, but I thnk your gonna hear it from a few of the other guys on the boards as well.
39 is a bit late to be starting diving, I mean there are ppl out there in thier 50's and so doing it but they also usually have several years of experience under their belt so they know how to "work smart, not hard"
Not to mention if you want to go offshore like you said there is the wh*** tender breakout period which can last a couple years, so before you might be in regular dive roatation you might be in your 40's. It will help if you have some mechanical trades under your belt (Mechanic, welder, millwrights etc..)
I mean if its what you wanna do, dont let me be a debby downer here but I just thnik that although nothing is impossible, its forsure gonna be tough!
If you wanna be in the water a lot you might wanna also look at PADI Instructor or lifeguarding or something. There are people who are gonna comment after me who are far wiser then I am, but thats just my 2cents
The toughest thing so far is getting respect from the guys. No matter what I do or how good I become it will always be an issue. Of course. But i am gonna also do PADI instructor eventually. I'd like to do both cuz I know my commercial diving career will be very short.
You want to be in the water as much as you can!!! I think we have all known this statement before.
A ticket is good to me
Learn on the job mmm!!! This is very good as you learn their ways
39 do you really know what you are saying offshore.
There is a good deal of work to be had else were, ok the money is not as good, or is it that you are another in for the money only.
I dont HAVE to be offshore. I just want to make a career as long as I physically can. I know I'm "OLD" for the business but I just wanna play or work in the water and get paid. haha. I'm not only in it for the money. It would be nice to make great money but making any kind of money doing something I love is more important. Ive heard they send us old folk inland more anyway. lol
Your hardly old thats a myth when you cant do it anymore then your old. Your just getting started kiddo.
Damn, Laura go for it. I'm tired looking at my collegues hairy a****... lol.
How good of physical shape are you in like running, swimming, weight lifting etc. ? You may and I dont know you need to do a complete overhaul of your physical self or not. Just a question.
You mentioned that you want to spend alot of time in the water what have you been doing in diving to date ?
Well i'm in good shape but working on being in great shape. I do workouts at the beach. Running, alot of stairs and that kind of thing. I dont lift weights but will probably start that soon. I'm still in school finishing my CAD which is certified commercial air diver. I've done scuba but not much. I'm gonna eventually go for scuba instructor also so I can do both commercial and scuba diving. I know my time is limited in the offshore diving field but 'I'd like to get as much out of as possible.
CAD as in Computer-aided design You are asking?

One of the leading companies doing CAD work in the sub-sea field{diving is ONLY a small part] is Oceaneering.

See the following URL, personal they are / where lookin for;

CAD is certified commercial air diver.
I attend National Polytech College of Science which used to be The College of Oceaneering. Commercial diving school.
Laura, is that a course thru NAUI, PADI or some other scuba class or is it thru a commercial dive school? I met a diver at Home Depot who showed me a card that was not put out by a commercial diving school. He was doing jobs on scuba and with no help. He was trying to impress some people there until I started asking him questions and then he left in a hurry. Try working the boats in the Keys.


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