Hello I am graduating on may 20th and would like to know where a good place to start diving would be 

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Shipwreck thanks for the update.
There ya go. Nothin to it. See y'all there!!!
Tenders are just as important as everybody else around here. And some might say 3 weeks offshore? Whoopie! Work is work, be it a day out or 6 months... plus there's all kinds of other jobs down here besides diving. Welding, rigging, construction. I just finally saw that bridge in New Orleans, there doing all kinds of work on that hunk of junk... good luck!
Flynn I know you don’t believe that.

A good tender is priceless.

but with no intention of diving that’s the difference or am I talking days gone bye.
Pardon my language, but that f***ing piece of s*** be tore down! They should just demo the wh*** damn bridge and start from the mud water of the MISSISSIPPI on up! What a piece of s***! I was working Tim McGraw at the NOLA ARENA last Saturday and got so f***ing lost trying to get to a buddy's house during my break to fetch the roadies some goods, man! What a f***ing cluster! There's like no sign for 90 EAST posted anywhere! I got lost and ended up on the road between the courthouse and jail! Luckily I didn't end up there! I'm sure the pigs would really love to put a white boy with Washington State plates and a California ID and 3 other state IDs in their infested jail! I'll stay in the bayou where I can drink and dive / drive all I want! People on the west coast might be born retarded, but at least they know how to navigate freeways. People on that bridge were trying to pass me doing 70 and I'm like hello? The damn lanes are like 5 foot wide!

to hell with the Big Easy!

FLYNN you're right, that bridge is the wildest ride to the west bank! In fact it maybe the wildest ride east! Why the hell do they call it the west bank if it's actually east of downtown?

Alright my gripe is over. Time to adjust!
A good tender can help a diver or screw him up by his tending skills. A diver dosent do this along it does take a team and good tenders to keep the job going forward.
Easy Shipwreck, Man your down South well not quite as far South as Hawaii but its diffrent than being in Seattle. Relax and enjoy your new enviroment and the people theres lots of good things to enjoy in Bayou land but you wont be able to if your ragging. It really helps to get a GPS these days it will take all the stress out of getting around Bayou land or anywhere else as far as that goes. The road signs yea well they have these things called hurricanes that just take them away and it takes alot of time and money to get it all back together again. Get the GPS. In the French Quarter the same problem just enjoy it. Before long you can go back to Washington and enjoy the cold and freeways with a gazillion people on them if thats what you like meanwhile have another beer and a shrimp po boy you in Breezieanna. Dive on Brother.
Dashaun, you have more than along way to go and alot more to prove before you call yourself a diver. first divers dont dive anywhere anytime, we dive safe because our nuts are in the sling when on bottom. back to the your comment of being a good diver, just because you dove a school hat in a 24ft tank does not make you a diver. i would not expect to even hit the water till after your first year tending. i have been in the oilfield since age 15 and started diving 8 yrs ago and i strongly take offense to you calling yourself a diver. that little adc tender/diver card is exactly that a tender card. until it reads air diver, mixed gas diver or higher you are not a diver. its rookies like you that go to bars and tell everyone your a diver and ill be the first to call you out even in front of your girl. so please respect the guys who have delt with long winters of no work and time away from home and family and have actually paid the dues to be called a diver. from now on refer to yourself as a hammer of a tender and you will get more respect than saying your a good diver. best of luck in your look for work. alot of tenders are being hired by companies right now but if you go in saying your a diver you will probably get laughed at. try companies like seamar tiburon and triton they should be hiring
hey dale, how about if a guy comes offshore totally willing to tend for 6 months or so on a resume with refrences and all that jazz saying he has spent a year or so already tending steady, for an inshore comapny or has been inshore diving for the lsat say 5 years ??
I guess basicly what if hes already spent time sharpening his teeth inland for a few years ???
I mean I know offshore is a diffrent kinda party and there are some things that take getting used too......
Or are you thinking feck it 2 years tending anyways ? just a little more fuel for the topics fire :)


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