Hello I am graduating on may 20th and would like to know where a good place to start diving would be 

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Where do you you think you would like to work? Inland or offshore?
I had a terrible thought for a minuscule that you were going to say in the water .

But hay you didn’t good man.

To the question almost anywhere they will give you work.
Steve-nobody wants to give anybody work and it sucks.
so what u sayn it hard for a good diver or what because i will dive anywhere anytime.
Well mate there a lot of guys out there at the moment that are good, better than good in fact, almost nothing that they have not done or seen, they weld cut lift you name it and they can do it, still they do not have any work.
So all I can say is do what we all do get out there and sell yourself the best way you can.
Good luck.
Dashaun your next dive job will most likely be scrubing boat hulls in San Diego Bay that is if you can find someone who will hire you. And since you will dive anywhere anytime that in itself says you have very little skills so plan on almost paying your employer for you to be able to work for them. For those who have paid their dues in the diving world its insulting to hear some f'n wantabe fng discount themselves and already seasoned pros it only brings about disrespect for the commercial diving field. Now are you happy anywhere anytimer.
Present yourself professionally and get paid like one but first you have a apprentiship to go thru and the present major downturn in job opportunities. Welcome to the real world. Most quit after 2 years. Good luck pal just giving you a little reality check because the shool sure wont be talking to you like this.
wherever there's work at
Off the 5 meter at the local pool, lol :p
Anything and anywhere you can find the work mate. Look around your area where you live but be prepared to have a little travelbag in the closet taking up the gf's shoe space, hahahaha
so r u workin right now
Dashaun, there is currently a very poor economy world wide that has the oil industry on its knees and surplus divers are rampant. It is harder now to get hired on as a new diver than any time in the last 30 years-good luck.
Yeah Dashaun, I know everyone here comes across as a incredible a******, but hey these are divers who have made it and these are the a******s you are gonna be working with for the rest of you career :)
Thing is its hard to hear the honest truth when dive school has told you that your gonna be making 80g a year.
Truth is that Com Diving has sometig like a 90 percent wash out rate. If you do get a job and its possible ppl are out there working its not like everyone is sitting on the beach, then you gotta go through the tending process. This varies depending where you end up. So you should be saying your gonna tend anytime, anywhere. Now if you make it throgh the tender process making 12 bucks an hour and which can last 2 or more years sometimes and your still stoked to dive, then you gotta live with waiting for weeks for the phone to ring and then when it does at 330 in the morning telling you to be at the airport at 6 and your gonna be gone for a month. Remeber those plans you made with your girlfriend to go to mexico for a week vacation, kiss that sucker goodbye. Cause you cant say no to the dive companies. If you make it thorugh al of these then you can be a crusty old a****** telling the new guys on the boards here they should have become an accountant. Heck bro im stll waiting to get to that point myself!
I mean you might also be able to find something not in offshore oil and gas, maybe inland, salvage. inspection companies, maybe even enviromental or aquaculture. At least your making a pay check in the water. But like Ace said, dont sell yourself short becuase no matter what you will work for those indians and phillipinos are gonna work for less, so make sure you bring quality tothe table.
Good luck though mate!
People really need to quit asking where to go for work. Gulf of Mexico. That's where all new divers go. It's that simple... This is where our labor is and will always be for a long time. So people get the hell down here if you're not already. No work? That's b*******, Tiburon wanted me 2 days ago for 3 weeks offshore, and another shop is hiring me next week. Sending people to school and getting ready for the season...


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