Hey guys, I'm a new girl on the block, just wanted to introduce myself. I'm just finishing up dive school in Santa Barbara (MDT), and will be graduating in May. It's time for me to start fishing around and see what's out there for jobs and which companies might bite. I'm getting my EMT right now, and looking at getting my DMT/LST. If anyone has any insight on the complicated process of becoming a DMT, or which companies I should go for, please let me know. Every time I talk to someone about it, I get a different story. There's the issue of the IMCA cert, the change in standards between the DMT and ADMT...it's all a bit complex. Any info would help. 

Thanks and safe diving, 

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Hey Mike did you post a reply? It shows your name, but there is no post.
Thanks Mike. I just noticed that Epic requires an IMCA cert in order to apply. I'm sure I'll weed through all this...there seems to be so many certifications out there...so many governing bodies...it's acronym soup! :)
Hey, if you hang with Epic long enough, they'll get you DMT certified in-house and pay you your off-shore rate I believe while you're doing it. 21 days straight then your test whenever. They don't pay much but have lots of training available.
Epic is not currently working anywhere extending beyond the GOM but are seeking contracts elsewhere. However, they are transitioning all existing employees to the IMCA standard in preparation for the inevitable conversion. It would be more efficient if you'd handle your own IMCA forms prior to applying. And just a side-note, Epic hires DMT's at a dollar higher than the normal red hat tender.
they mentioned the DMT certification quite a bit while I was in school, but to this day I've only met one person who is actively trying to earn theirs and seems to know where the hell to look. Like alot of people seem to be saying though, i hear good things about Epic and Global as far as certifying their divers to those standards. However, I have heard some very negative things about Epic. I'm not here to say whether its truth or lies, and I'm not out to harm anyone's reputation, but I've been warned away from Epic by a good number of people who I consider to be "old salts". The only thing I've ever seen with my own eyes was footage of a diver at something like 330' on a salvage project. He splashed with extremely low pressure in his bailout, was warned by a co-worker (in front of the project sup.), laughed at said co-worker, and still made the dive. Needless to say, when the idiot got fouled in zero viz deepwater, he started panicking. Especially when the standby wasnt even dressed out and ready to go. When he called to jump standby, people started scrambling on deck to get standby undressed and into a suit. Stupid. I should see if I can't find the link to that video. It was a perfect example of a deep-water "how-not-to" video.
But like I said, that's the only thing I've ever seen negative with epic, and it was only that one project, with that one diver, and that one super. It all comes down to stupid individuals within a company, not a company FULL of stupid individuals (unless its the bush admin.)
Having worked at Global I know they will hire you and put you on a list , but you have to tell them that you are interested in taking the DMT or LST courses. Never heard of ADMT. I believe ALST becomes full blown LST after 1000 panel hours. I don't know if Global is hiring right now though . Never had a problem with the company. The guy that taught the DMT/LST course in Laffeyette(stars or whatever it's called now) is a big douche though. A lawsuit waiting to happen.

Good Luck with everything.Wish I was out there .
If you want to do a IMCA DMT course they are conducted in a few places in the UK and in South Africa in one place and also in a Place in Singapore. I would recommend the one in DDRC (diving diseases research center) in the UK. Its also one of the best priced ones out there. Is 2 weeks long course.
As For the LST I know that IMCA LST requires that a diver do the ALST course and then acquire panel hours before being eligible for to apply for the LST exam. The candidate will need to pass this exam before becoming an LST.
If you are thinking of following this route email me and I will give you a contact email address for DDRC. They also run ALST courses.
It's never a bad idea to check IMCA website, for example there is a IMCA DMT recertification course on at Seneca College, Ontario-Canada starting March 22-26 2010.
Thanks Patrick. This is makes my head spin...can they make it any more confusing? So do I need my DMT before getting my ALST? I don't think I'll be working as a diver/tender, since I'm 34 yrs old, and that along with being female makes my chances pretty low. So I thought about becoming an LST instead, but it sure sounds like a long road to become one. I've been a diver since I was 14, and f course that would be my dream but if I start now I wouldn't be breaking out as a diver until I was close to 40. I don't that's too realistic. Anyway, thanks for the tips and if you can send me that contat info I'd appreciate it. :)
Right on Mike.
Jessica if your confused by too much information and there is alot out there these days to wade thru I recommend you punch up Borders books and order a used cd series by Dr. Phil called "Selfmatters" it will help you redirect your inter passions and your authentic self while uncrossing some myths and crossed wires of life. Good luck your working on it as ER Cross told me one time "keep trying you'll get it".


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