So we have a few new plans up our sleeves for this year, a few of which include:

  • A kick-ass new design (that we worked with a member of to help make happen)
  • A structure of often-asked-questions that will keep from us seeing the same forum posts over and over from people new to the industry.
  • A much easier directory system to help catalog the diving companies in the industry.


We also wanted to hear from everyone in the community on what you would like to see be improved here on  Just list any suggestion in the comments below, as much helpful advice on exactly how you would like to see it work is helpful. 


Let us know!

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Couldn't agree more Eric.  We upgraded it with hopes that the system we chose would do everything for everyone and it turned out to just be way too complicated.  Plans are already in the works for a new system that is much simpler and straight forward.  We'll do our best to use the info you guys have already submitted and transfer it over so you don't have to re-enter your info. This is a huge project so don't expect it right away.
I like it.  Just to clarify, the goal would be to let guys buy/sell gear directly and keep the prices open so everyone can see the going rates?
I can't get any of your links to, messages.....either "fail" error or blank page
Cindy -  This is something that I've never heard of before.  Are you using Chroms, Firefox or Safari as your browser?  This could be an issue with an old version of Internet Explorer.
I've tried it with both Explorer 8 and Chrome.  All I get is a blank page.

How about some cold beer and less BS. Hahaha

Believe me, we read them.  Adam and John get on serious issues right away...they then scope out the range of improvements based on what you write.


I spend my time screening out spammers and problem users (abusers).


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