So we have a few new plans up our sleeves for this year, a few of which include:

  • A kick-ass new design (that we worked with a member of to help make happen)
  • A structure of often-asked-questions that will keep from us seeing the same forum posts over and over from people new to the industry.
  • A much easier directory system to help catalog the diving companies in the industry.


We also wanted to hear from everyone in the community on what you would like to see be improved here on  Just list any suggestion in the comments below, as much helpful advice on exactly how you would like to see it work is helpful. 


Let us know!

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What kinds of things would you want in the Useful Downloads section?
I was hoping you would think bigger :)
i uploaded alot of the software we use offshore to the wiki section a year or more ago.  don't know if it's still there
Good stuff, Toby. Not many people know how to use the wiki program.
Agreed.  It was a great concept, but we've learned that we need to keep things as simple & easy to use as possible.  I think we can create a "resources" area to keep info like this that us Admins edit based on the feedback of the members.
A structure of often-asked-questions that will keep from us seeing the same forum posts over and over from people new to the industry.

While I deem this to be an idea, and useful as a quick ref, its not really a great one, as I do believe there is nothing quite like input from the guys out there that know, it also allows for more input ref changes made at any given time, i.e. over night changes as they do happen, also it gives a little more camaraderie for the new guys.
If we did go this way you may find new guys are just coming to the site having a quick read and leaving, not adding anything to the site.
I think most of us at one time or another have stood on giants shoulders either out of necessity or just a needed confidence booster , reference a given task.
So lets keep it personal, and the pain that it is at times, keep it friendly.
Great thoughts Steve.  I was heading in the direction of keeping a knowledge base of topics, but in each topic we would reference the forum topic threads that relate to it.  This way it provides a bit of structure, yet still encourages the new guys to ask questions.  I'm agreed in that we want to encourage more interaction as much as we can.  Maybe we'll test it out and see how it goes.
that works for me

We put up some online tools on our company site, but they are mostly aimed at being useful for people within our company.  We included:


- Regulations (IMCA, OGP, NORSOK, HSE, ADCI)

- Vessel tracking using the AIS system

- Dive tables

- Online high-res nautical charts

- Paycheck calculator (for deductions, child support, etc)

- Software downloads, but right now there is only sonar stuff

- Currency converters


Visit the online tools site at



How about a Translator tool so we can talk with our other dive bruddah from around the world  that we can't talk to because we can't under stand each other

I would like to see the resume/c.v. process simplified, for the past few yrs its become a nightmare to see if my paperwork is uploaded or not, thats partially the reason that iv'e stopped looking a cdiver, lots of other divers have asked me that same question, also what companies are hiring/looking for divers, maybe a current or by annually updated list of diving contractors would be nice also.



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