We're making this board to experiment with new web features and tools. What would you guys like to see? Be creative.


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how about a time zone tool? updated pay rates?
don't really know where to post this but.... hat inspections how to get a good deal? why pay 300 bucks plus parts so some one who i don't know and will never see again can take apart my hat? any pros and cons ? some input would be nice!
Newly qualified members into the industry are being given a lot of different information about work availability from instructors that have been out of the industry at the schools for quite some time. I think the site will attract a lot of new/ baby divers if thats what we're called so some genuine posts from genuine divers what areas are busy and possibly some companies to cantact.

Don't know if this is too much but it is certainly the stuff i'm looking for. Good idea though lads hope it helps us as i know there's a lot of folk in my position a the minute. Hope to hear from you soon.

All the best Jamie McNamee
Currency converter app? Free language translation tool?
Diving companies, eg. address, phone numbers , email address
Danny Robinson said:
Diving companies, eg. address, phone numbers , email address

It's coming. We are rolling out our new features over time so we can test the features, verify, etc. The list of dive companies is going to take a bit because we need to verify contact info, location, still in business, etc.



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