on ebay, item number 320622230016. its great shape, great seals and zipper, like new condition $625. size is M/M and its a Bare Pro Dry D6. I believe its a 5-7mm, can't find it on the suit anywhere but I was using it in 45-55 degrees Fahrenheit with no problems, never had a leak. Let me know if you have any questions, thanks!


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What size diver will it fit ??? like 6' 200 lbs or what ??
ha. maybe but a medium. I'm xx or 3xl in a regular suit. Im 6' 240 ish
haha, im 5' 9" and didn't weigh more then 160 when i was wearing it and fit me good. 6' might be pushing it, maybe i can look up sizes on the bare website.
looks like it might be a little small, or at least tight, i think you would need a large. the M/M says its sized for 5' 10" and 175 lbs.
ya it was really great, dove it a bunch in seattle/ im living in south florida now so not much use for it. know anyone who needs a drysuit ;)


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